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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Can Obama Get The Blue Collar Vote?
(Answer: No!)

He's just a regular Middle Class guy?

ABC's Nightline posed the question on their Wednesday program whether or not Osama Hussein Obama Ted Kennedy's Poodle can appeal to the Blue Collar voting bloc.

The Nightline crew followed him around his campaign stops in Pennsylvania. He was shown at a deli saying that he likes goat cheese and sampling some. Unless I'm mistaken, I think every Blue Collar worker's first choice of cheese is goat cheese, isn't it?

Nightline also pointed out that Obama is fond of Prosciutto, which Nightline pointed out retails for $100 per pound. Prosciutto is another top favorite of all Blue Collar workers, isn't it? I think it is.

Obama declined appearances at any places where he would have been filmed ordering or eating a Philly cheesesteak, thus avoiding the John Kerry faux pas of 2004 when ordering his Philly cheesesteak with...Swiss.

Nightline also covered Obama saying he likes arugula. Again, correct me if I'm wrong, but arugula is another daily staple in the lunch box of every Blue Collar worker along with Brie and caviar.

Finally, Obama was shown bowling. His score was a measly 37. 37!

Obama is an Elitist. Nightline proved it. He cannot and will not appeal to Blue Collar voters and he will not get their vote.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain, on the other hand, seems like a guy who would be right at home at a back yard BBQ with burgers on the grill and a keg. Hell, McCain likely knows how to tap a keg. Obama...I'm not so sure.


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Hey, just to let you know, your blog reads really well on my phone, that is rare. Thanks for putting all the links and stuff on the RIGHT side of your blog, that makes it so much easier on me when the power is out because Mississippi got racked with tornadoes today. Try reading blogs on a two inch square screen and you know what I mean.

Anyhoo, please pass along this really, really good article written by an absolute genuis with a bunch of great links regarding Barry and his humongous lying problems. Damn, this blogger is good.

Always happy to pass along your fine writing TD.

I see another post of yours where you're getting inundated with emails from the Barry O campaign, yet not getting any response to your question. What a pile of you knwo what!

Glad to hear my site looks good on a phone. I've yet to see what it looks like on a phone.
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