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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Passport Breach Not A Liberal Conspiracy

Big Deal. A couple of contract employees - CONTRACT employees, which means they weren't "Bushies" or "Chenies" - snooped into Obama's Passport information. Big deal. Who cares. A non-issue. Who knows, the contract employees were probably Clinton operatives.

The same contract employees looked at passport information of John McCain and Hillary Clinton.

Or, maybe this this is a CONSPIRACY put into play by Obamaniacs themselves to make it look like it was done by his opponents. I wouldn't put anything past Obama operatives. What better way to cover one's conspiracy tracks than to include your own passport in the snooping breach? Oh, that Magic Negro is a smart one!

Maybe it was Obama who planned and plotted the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Who knows how deep Obama's ties to Muslim terrorists really goes?

Obama is a Muslim. Maybe his passport had information where he was cavorting with fellow terrorists. Maybe there is a secret investigation into Obama's ties to known terrorists. We know Obama is sympathetic to terrorists.

The Left is apoplectic over this non-story. Does anyone recall any outrage from the Left when the Clinton White House was found possessing over some 900 or 1,000 FBI files? No, there was no outrage from the Left.

These contract employees are nothing more than a current reincarnation of Craig Livingstone. The only difference is that Livingstone was NOT a contract employee. Did the American people ever learn who hired Livingstone?

Another simple, cut and dried case of Liberal Selective Outrage for no other reason than their own political expediency. Phony, fake, posturing, posing, lying Liberals.

Then we learned of the information breach of the passports of Hillary Clinton and John McCain. So much for a Right Wing Conspiracy. So, if it's not a Right Wing Conspiracy, then it HAS to be a Left Wing Conspiracy, right?

This is a non-story and a non-issue being hyped by the Lefties because they have nothing else in their arsenal.


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