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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Obama Doesn't Want To Be Called Liberal

Ted Kennedy's Poodle, aka The Politician Formerly Known As Osama Hussein Obama

Awwwwwwwwwwwww, poor little
Ted Kennedy's Poodle. He doesn't like being labeled as a Liberal. IHT:

    ...if Obama wins the Democratic nomination, how will his promise of a new and less polarized type of politics fare against the Republican attacks that since the 1980s have portrayed Democrats as far out of step with the country's values?

    Obama, in an interview, said that "a lot of these old labels don't apply anymore."


    "...I'm more likely to fall left of center than right of center," [said Obama].

Poor, poor Poodle. If the label fits, you cannot acquit.

He handily won the contest and label as Most Liberal Senator for 2007 from the National Journal.

While in the Illinois State Legislature, he supported killing babies who managed to somehow survive abortion procedures. You don't get more Liberal than advocating and voting TWICE to allow babies who survive an abortion to die. My, what Good Olde Fashioned Democrat Liberal Family Values The Poodle has.

Watch out kid, Hussein might kill you!

But Dave, you ask, how can the Liberals claim to care about the lives of Soldiers and Iraqis when they don't care about the lives of newborns, let along letting babies die that survive an abortion? The answer is Liberals don't care at all about the lives of U.S. Soldiers, Iraqis, babies or anyone else - they just use this as a political tool in what is their sick and disgusting arsenal of rhetoric.

Poor, poor Poodle. He just can't seem to steer his campaign back on course after the Rev. Jeremiah Wright affair.

And who knows what damaging information we might learn about The Poodle over the next six moths as the Tony Rezko trial unfolds and as we learn more and more undesirable things about the pro-baby-killer from Illinois.

Things are not looking rosy for The Poodle. He's a Liberal, a Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig Tax and Spend and Grow, Expand and Increase the Size of Government Liberal. Joe Stalin and Karl Marx would be proud of The Poodle.


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Thanks to you, I snorted out my morning coffee in amusement over this.

Funny thing is, a coworker and I were having a political argument when he told me he always wanted a "retroactive abortion."

Priceless. LOL!!!!!!
Well, someone has to do the job of getting people to spit coffee on their keyboard, right? I guess that honor is mine!

The co-worker wanted a "retro abortion" for himself or one of his kids? Damn...some Liberals, huh?
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