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Monday, March 31, 2008

Obama Charitable Giving: Cheapness Take 3

Guess who gave more to charity? Bele Barack Osama Hussein Ted Kenney's Poodle and Michelle Obama, President George W. and Laura Bush or Vice President Dick and Lynn Cheney?

The Obamas gave the least and much of what they did give was to their own church, the Church of Hate, Divison and Keepin' Racism Alive Trinity United Church of Christ.

Tax Prof Blog has the Obama Charitable giving.

The Right Hand Of God blog has a side-by-side comparison between the amounts donated to charity by President George W. and Laura Bush versus The Muslim and Michelle.

And MSNBC reports that the Cheneys donated "just under $6.87 million dollar to charity" AND...get this...the Cheney's paid $2,468,566 in taxes through withholding and estimated tax payments.

Uh, what's all this the Dems say about rich people not paying any taxes?

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