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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Michelle Obama Afraid Of Rural Guns

Michelle Obama - (should I be calling her Mrs.Ted Kennedy's Poodle?) - said she 's not afraid of gun crimes in the city, but IS afraid of gun crimes in rural settings. The Weekly Standard:

    In New Hampshire last November, [Barack] Obama told a gathering of rural voters that his wife worries about urban handgun violence but realized while driving in Iowa that she might want a gun for protection if she lived in a rural area.

    Michelle worries about violent urban crime, but doesn't feel the need to own a handgun in the city. Rather, she'd want one if she lived in a rural area. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, violent crimes are 50 percent more likely in urban areas than in suburban or rural communities. You're clearly much safer--all things being equal--out in the country than you are in Chicago.

Um - isn't this the same woman who said she worries that her husband could be shot, "while filling up the car at a gas station at night,"? Yeah, like The Poodle fills up his own car with gas - uh huh - does anyone believe that rhetoric? HA!

Well Mrs. O, you never know when being out in the country when a rabid rabbit or crazed, murderous duck might be packin' heat or "comes heavy."

Go ahead, join Mrs. O and drink the Kool Aid. It'll be okay, really, it will. Just drink the Kool
Aid...drink the Kool Aid.



Is Hussein's wife wearing a bathrobe in this picture?
Hey, hey, Kid Donny Long. Long time no hear from you!

It sure looks like a bathrobe, doesn't it?

I found the photo on a google image search and as soon as I saw it I knew it was "the one" to use.

Great hearing from you. Don't be a stranger.
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