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Saturday, March 29, 2008


Oh, good Christ Jesus no, not a McCain-Pawlenty ticket. Please God, no! No!

Many Republicans, Conservatives, Independents and Libertarians are disappointed that Arizona's Republican U.S. Senator John McCain is the Republican Party Presidential Candidate. Many would have preferred Fred Thompson or Mitt Romney.

Many of us - myself included - are trying very hard to muster up the motivation to support and vote for Senator McCain in November. A large part of checking the ballot or pulling the lever for McCain depends on whom he picks as his running mate. McCain doesn't have to throw Republicans "a bone" with his vice presidential selection, but he does need to mollify the Conservative base, especially those who believe in fiscal responsibility and a smaller government. Pawlenty, in my opinion, as the VP brings nothing to the ticket that helps motivate those of us having trouble supporting and voting for McCain.

There is a large amount of speculation that McCain will pick as his VP Minnesota RINO
Governor Tim Pawlenty. Doing this does not coalesce the Conservative base.

I need a reason to vote for John McCain. Bringing Pawlenty on board as the VP does not give me a reason, in fact, it pushes me further away - and alienates me - from supporting McCain.

Why Pawlenty? Minnesota has only
ten Electoral Votes. Certainly there are states with more Electoral Votes that are more of a Red State than is Minnesota. Why the rush for McCain to name a VP now? It seems unnecessarily early for McCain to name his VP so soon. What harm is there in waiting a while longer before McCain names his running mate? Why the rush to choose his VP this early?

Many of us need reasons to vote for McCain. Selecting Pawlenty as the VP simply gives me yet another reason to not support McCain. I'd support and vote for a McCain-Joe Lieberman ticket before I supported and voted for McCain-Pawlenty.

I'll take one term of Barack Hussein Obama in the White House if I must. America suffered through one term of Jimmy Cater, and one term of Obama will be just that; another four years under Carter. Yes, it will be painful, but America will persevere through it. We won't have to worry about Obama winning a second term.

On the other hand, give Hillary Clinton one term, and she will without a doubt turn it into eight years in the White House. And this...this will cripple us for decades.

I'll make a wager with anyone on the following; the outcome of the November election from Minnesota voters will still leave Minnesota as a Blue state with Pawlenty as McCain's VP. Picking Pawlenty will not turn Minnesota Red for November.

McCain can play the maverick and be the iconoclast. He can thumb his nose at the Conservative base. He can pick Pawlenty as his VP; all to the detriment of his campaign. By doing this, McCain will hand the keys to the White House to Obama or Clinton. Hopefully, it will be one-term Obama and not two-term Hillary.

A new Conservative movement will not occur or reappear without another Carter-like four years. Nor will it occur under a McCain-Pawlenty Administration.

I - and others - need reasons to vote for you, Senator McCain, not more reasons to sit out the election or throw our vote away on a Third Party candidate.



I often think how much better off we would be if Gore or Kerry had been elected. Not that either of those idiots would have done a single thing right. It's just that maybe like after the disaster that was Carter, we would get a real and competent president. A leader. Not a whiner. The problem is that right now things are more tenuous then ever. We may not completely survive the poodle or Hillbill intact. Of course we may not survive McCain intact either. Shit. Well at least you would be free of Pawlenty as governor as long as McCain doesn't have a heart-a-stroke or something. So it might not be so bad.
Yeah, MN would be free of Pawlenty. But that means the Lt. Gov Carol Molnau steps up, and she is just despised - more than is Pawlenty - by state Dems. Hmmmm, that might not be a bad idea.

But naming Pawlenty as his VP doesn't give me a reason to vote for McCain. I may sit this election out. Seriously.

I think on last week's "The Simpsons" Ralph Wiggum, the police chief's kid, announced his candidacy for president. Maybe I'll write his name in.
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