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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Flag Dipping Drives Thom Hartmann Crazy

The United States Naval Academy has returned to the custom of "dipping" the U.S. Flag. Hometown Annapolis.com:

    The ritual of dipping the American flag before the altar at the Naval Academy Chapel has come under fire, and one group plans to ask a federal court to put an end to the practice.

    In the only known ritual of its kind in the Navy, the color guard at the Naval Academy Chapel dips the American flag and the academy flag when they are carried before the altar cross during the 11 a.m. Sunday Protestant service.

    Vice Adm. Jeffrey L. Fowler, who became academy superintendent in June, considered the ritual to be inappropriate and stopped it in October.

    He reinstated it last month after some churchgoers complained.

    Now, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, a group established to protect religious freedom in the military, plans to ask a federal court to ban the practice.

    "Fowler had the chance to do something great and instead he did something of monumental cowardice," Mikey Weinstein, president of the New Mexico-based foundation, said yesterday.

    Mr. Weinstein described himself as a conservative Republican attorney who thinks church and state should remain separate. He graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1977 and worked for H. Ross Perot and President Ronald Reagan, he said. His father graduated from the Naval Academy.

    Mr. Weinstein said he received complaints about the Naval Academy ritual from "members of the Brigade of Midshipmen and the staff," who also complained of being pressured by religious fundamentalists at the academy.


    "There has been a tradition of parading and dipping the national ensign and Brigade (of Midshipmen) flag by midshipmen during the 11:00 Sunday Protestant services at the United States Naval Academy for about 40 years," Cmdr. Austin said in an e-mail.

    The flag-dipping ritual is carried out "only when midshipmen are present during the school year," Cmdr. Austin said.

    "The tradition is not a part of any other religious service at the academy, and to the best of our knowledge, the tradition doesn't exist anywhere else in the Navy," Cmdr. Austin said in the e-mail.

I can't be the only one who notices the person on the soapbox over this issue has the last name of Weinstein. Weinstein...Weinstein...I know that's not an Irish name. Hmm, Italian - no, it's not Italian. It doesn't sound Slavic, I'm sure of that. I'm certain it's not an Asian surname. Weinstein. Weinstein...huh, gee...what is it...what is it...oh yeah, Weinstein! He's a kike. Is someone forcing him to participate in, or view, the USNA ceremonies? I doubt it.

Liberal Radio Talker Pinhead and Liar Thom Hartmann thinks this issue is so important it consumed the opening of his program on Tuesday, discussing the issue with Tara Ross, the Co-author of "UNDER GOD: George Washington and the Question of Church and State."

We had a Democrat United States Congressman who took his oath of office on a Koran; Minnesota's Keith al-Ellison.

We have a Democrat United States Senator running for president with very close ties to militant Islamic radicalism; Osama Hussein Obama.

Crybaby Thom has no problem with the Allah Akbar crowd because Liberals are the best friends terrorists ever had. But bring in Christianity? Oh, good Christ Almighty - then Baby Thom goes batshit crazy.

So the U.S. Flag - for a split second - is "dipped" and only when midshipmen are present. Wow, this is a huge, earth-shattering issue.

Meanwhile, Hartmann (Thom, are you a kike, too?) and Weinstein bend over, grab their ankles and take it up the ass from the Militant Islamofascists who commit acts of violence and atrocities all in the name of the Koran. Well, at least we know to whom they have allegiance.

Baby Thom Hartmann


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Only a dipshit would have a problem with this. Isn't about time for another global warming is going to split the Earth in two rant? Flag dipping? You've got to be shitting me.
Flags can only be dipped in front of the hater poodle's little church of hate. Anything else will result in catastrophic global warming. All bong water drinking scientists and foaming at the mouth leftards agree on this point.
Burn the flag, desecrate the flag, stomp on it, puke on it, piss on it, shit on it...that's all approved by the Liberals.

But "dip" the flag? Oh Good Christ Holy Fucking Hell, we can't have that.
I think you're a swastika-wearing anti-Semite. What do you think of that, big mouth?

--Yarbo Goldstein
Yarbo...you're a Kike, aren't you?
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