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Friday, March 28, 2008

Chelsea Clinton Asked To Tell Us
About Her Dad-Whore

Chelsea Clinton was asked about her father's (would that be Vince Foster? - Drake) affair with Monica Lewinsky. Chelsea replied with a well rehearsed, "that's none of your business."

Baltimore Sun:

    [Chelsea Clinton] was ready with a quick reply today in Indianapolis when asked if her mother's credibility had been injured by the sexual relationship that the former president had with the former White House intern, Lewinsky, in the White House.


    "And I do not think that is any of your business," Clinton said.

The correct response, as any public relations savvy person would advise, would be to smile and fake - if you have to - as nicely as possible replying, "I'm sorry, I know that issue will never go away but it's deeply personal within our family and that's where it stays."

Chelsea is a bitch; just like her mom.

The one thing - and I'm not saying it's good - that Hillary and Chelsea never learned from Bubba is how to charmingly lie through their teeth while smiling and convincing that the questioner is hearing the truth.

You'd buy a used car from Bubba. You wouldn't from Hillary. Or Chelsea.


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