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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bill Richardson Is Judas?

James Carvile, Inbred Redneck product of incest?

Clinton Crime Family Operative James Carvile refuses to apologize for calling Bill Richardson - New Mexico's Democrat Governor and former Secretary of Energy - "Judas", for his endorsing and supporting Osama Hussein Obama Ted Kennedy's Poodle.

Carvile...he makes me laugh! He's a medical school textbook definition of the results of when brothers and sisters or first cousins produce offspring.

Richardson endorsing Obama is a perfect Clintonian plan, only the Obamaniacs - as usual - don't "get it." Not even The Poodle will see this conspiracy coming.

Here's how this deviously brilliant Clinton Crime Family scheme works:

Richardson is a Clinton toady who doesn't do or say anything without receiving prior approval from Bubba or Hillary MrsSatan. Her "heated phone call" to Richardson, where she said she was disappointed that he endorsed Obama, is nothing more than a good cover story; it's all for show.

Richardson endorses Obama with the explicit consent from Bubba and MrsSatan.

Obama will not be the Democrat Candidate for president, it will be Hillary. I know the Obamaniacs don't believe this, but they live in a pretend and make-believe world anyway, so it will be even easier to orchestrate a sneak and stealth attack against The Poodle.

Hillary then receives the support from those Obama voters endorsed by Richardson - the Hispanic voting bloc - because after she becomes the Democrat Candidate for president she names Richardson as her VP running mate.

The inexperienced Obama Campaign is being so very manipulated by the Clinton War Machine. The don't even realize their strings are being pulled and yanked.
Obamaniacs will wake up one day to their candidate being left behind while Hillary walks away with the nomination as the Democrat presidential candidate.

I know you Dems don't believe any of this, but that's because you're too wrapped up in your Cult of Hatred. And because you are the most naive people on earth. The Obamaniacs will be totally blindsided by the Clintons.

I know you Obamaniacs don't believe me, so just stick around and watch. You'll see; oh, how you'll see. But by then it will be too late for you or The Poodle.


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We true rednecks take offense to you calling Carville one of us, take it back. Carville is a "cracker."
I stand corrected, Two Dogs.

I will be making a non-apologetic speech in Philly, standing in front of several American Flags, next Tuesday.
Eschew the lapel flag pin, though.
TD: Thanks for reminding me of that! Heh!!

I'm heading on over to your place now.
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