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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Session Of Idiots Has Convened

Hold on to your money! The Minnesota State Legislature convened for their 2008 session at the crack of noon today. What a bunch of go-getters they are, aren't they? They do god's work and are anxious to put their nose to the grindstone...uh - again - starting at noon. The Bismarck Farm And Ranch Guide:

    The Minnesota House of Representatives and the Minnesota Senate convene at noon on Tuesday, Feb. 12 for the 2008 legislative session.

    Many issues face the two bodies of government and Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty, including passing a bonding bill and a transportation bill.

    The Legislature convenes in regular session each odd numbered year on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in January.

The politicians must be working up a sweat, especially the Democrats, thinking up all sorts of new ways to raise taxes, raise fees, restrict the free market, expand mass transit and providing various Nanny State entitlements to any crybaby or whiner in their base.

The Dems are chomping at the bit to raise taxes and oppress the free market. MPR:

    DFL legislative leaders say they hope to stem the tide of job losses by addressing three key pieces of legislation right away.

    "What Minnesotans are going to see is a jump start on this legislative session unlike they have ever seen before," said DFL House Speaker Margaret Kelliher. [Translated, what she means is we're going to see the passage of tax hikes and out of control spending like we've never seen it before. - Drake]


    She and DFL Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller said the first three pieces of legislation are a bonding bill, a transportation funding bill that includes a gas tax increase, and a proposed constitutional amendment that would let voters decide on a sales tax increase for outdoors and cultural programs.


    [Gov. Tim Pawlenty's spokesman Brian McClung said] the governor also supports a nickel a gallon gas tax increase, but only if lawmakers offset that tax hike with a tax cut somewhere else.

    If that happens, it will only put Minnesota's state budget deeper in the red. Finance officials say Minnesota is facing a $373 million deficit, but that number is expected to grow when another revenue forecast is released in a few weeks.


    Republican House Minority Leader Marty Seifert said there should be no talk of a tax increase, and no talk of new programs this session.

    "All the new spending initiatives go out the window," Seifert said. "So everybody who had great ideas on new this and new that, millions of dollars for new programs, a new department of energy and all of these new things that they want to create -- those are all frozen out immediately."

Larry The Pogomeister ****** Large Marge Kelliher

Once again leading the charge to raise taxes, in what already is economic hard times teetering on a recession, is Large Marge Kelliher and Larry Pogemiller - two of Minnesota's most hardcore, deer-in-the-headlights-looking tax and spend Democrats the state has ever seen. Thank Jeebus for the likes of Marty Seifert - we need more like him. So many more.

Tax and spend, tax and spend, tax and spend, starting with increasing both the per gallon gas tax and a Metro-wide sales tax. DL Online:

    The first major 2008 legislative action probably will come Thursday, when leading lawmakers expect the House and Senate to debate a proposed constitutional amendment to slightly raise the sales tax to fund outdoors and arts programs. It is somewhat controversial but is expected to pass. [God forbid we not hideously overspend on the outdoors and poetry. - Drake]

    Sen. Steve Murphy, DFL-Red Wing, said it sends the wrong message to take up a constitutional amendment helping “ducks and geese and Shakespeare” before approving more money for transportation and veterans’ needs.


    The Democrats’ plan is expected to include some tax and fee increases, including increasing the gasoline tax a nickel to a dime a gallon.

Oh, Lil Stevie Murphy - he can tax and spend with the best of 'em!

And - why - it is nothing short of sheer brilliant economic policy to increase the cost of something - a gallon of gasoline - when it is already so high. Sheer brilliance. I'm sure all great economists reach the same conclusion - that increasing the price of a necessity in rough economic times is sound policy.

Hold on to your wallets and purses, ladies and gentlemen. The Democrats will be spending money like Heath Ledger gulped down prescription drugs.



So I came across your blog and read the first three posts before realizing no one ever comments on it. My mind sort of hurts a bit after getting to post three. Shockingly, your banter is so stupid, that it takes a great deal of intellectual energy to try to understand. I thought I'd leave a comment because... well... it's always nice to be a first. Like, you know, how your great grand parents "got here first" therefore, because they worked hard, you are more deserving of the American dream than anyone else whose ancestors cames after your's.

You've got so much hate for liberals, meanwhile the country has never been in worse shape and, lo and behold, hardcore conservative Republicans were controlling every branch of government over the past 7 years and are to blame for the current state. Democrats and liberals might raise taxes when it becomes necessary, but at least they don't sully the national character, and adopt the interrogation tactics of the North Koreans. Nice one conservatives. That hooded man with wires running from his testies has overtaken "Uncle Sam" to become the face of the American nation to the world. That's a hell of a good cause you guys are fighting for.

For the record: you lack common sense altogether. People who vote like you have made a mess of this country, and and brought us 7 years of mismanagement and, in many cases, criminal behavior in the White House. A Democrat is going to inherit the White House and a government in shambles. If its determined that taxes must be raised to repair the infrastructure, military, and federal agencies which the Republicans have either extorted or neglected for God knows how long, you'll jump right back into your simple-minded frame of "tax and spend" democrats. Hey asshole, do you like having paved roads? Do you like technological advancement? Do you like it that children can read in this country (though this is less and less often true)? All that stuff is expensive. And it is your responsibility as a tax payer to foot your portion of the bill. Otherwise: MOVE TO A DIFFERENT COUNTRY! Move to the Congo. You'll be able to kill blacks there with impunity, which I'm sure you'll love, and the tax rate is nice and steady at 0 percent. So is the growth in GDP.

You do a further disservice to your country with each additional posting to this blog and each additional vote which you cast. It is people like you who cause normal people, who actually possess common sense, to wonder about the real value of free speech. Just goes to show I suppose, that some people can't ever be civilized.
Well now, aren't you just overflowing with tolerance and hatred?

I'm betting you're a Lib. A real, hardcore Fascist Liberal who believes in turning to the government to solve every problem you have and that the answer to everything is spending more and more money on it; a tax and spend mentality. Except when it comes to the War in Iraq and Afghanistan and a well-funded Military. On those issues, why - you believe too much money is being spent.

I apply the standard that the Left applies to everyone but themselves right back onto them, and you don't like that, do you?

You enjoy a selective double-standard whereby you judge those with a different ideology much harsher than those who think like you do. Big surprise.

I'm betting you are completely unfamiliar with the phrase "personal responsibility."

Here's a suggestion for you. You should be commenting at all the many Liberal Hate sites and blogs.
Your ignorance will be most welcome there. You'll fit right in with the other America-Haters.

I enjoy hearing from Liberals who claim they are "tolerant" of other views, but when the rubber meets the road we all know this is simply another lie told by people like you who are the most narrow-minded, selfish individuals who are intolerant of anything but your own opinions.

Why think when you can feel, right?

“Fear and hate are the product of ignorance," and you are a textbook case and definition of that.
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