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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hillary Promises No White House Scandals

Hillary Clinton promised that if elected, there would be no White House scandals involving the former president who enjoyed inserted his cigars into an interns' cha-cha(1)(2). CNN Political Tracker:

    Hillary Clinton is promising that in her White House there wouldn't be any new scandals involving her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

    She was asked in an interview how people can be certain that a new personal or business scandal won't erupt that Republicans could use to blow her agenda and her administration out of the water.

    Clinton replied: "You know, I just can assure this reader that that is not going to happen. You know, none of us can predict the future, no matter who we are and what we're running for, but I'm very confident that that will not happen.

And we should all believe and trust her - and Bubba - because they've always kept their word and honored their promises in the past. Always.


(1) Urban Dictionary definition
(2) "South Park" usage

that's right. Believe it, or else.
BTW, I'm hoping to see your photoshop of Obomba's face on the Che Poster.
Hi Nuke,

Pho Shopping Obama - er, Ted Kennedy's Poodle's face over Che is a great idea. Wish I'd have thought of that a day ago. Still time, I guess. I'll see what I can work up if time permits!

Love the Kennedy video clip on the Osama slip up. Ted was probably at blood alcohol leverl 10.9999 when he gave that speech.
oops - I accidentally hit delete instead of publish on a comment added here by -- I think it was you, Two Dogs. Sorry!!!!
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