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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Campaign Fatigue Continues

I'm writing this on Tuesday afternoon but it will be posted for Wednesday, February 6. By then, we will know the results - pretty much - of the primary and caucus results. And what does it mean?

It means that for me, I'm sick of this presidential campaign. If I were a tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist, why, I'd almost say the presidential campaign is purposely designed to drag on and on and on wearing everyone down.

Personally, I find it abhorrent that some of the candidates who are currently serving as U.S. Senators get to keep their jobs and run for the presidency at the same time. There ought to be a law that says if you run for another office, you have to relinquish any elected federal political office that you hold. Don't look for any politician to ever author legislation like this, because that would mean some of them might have to get real jobs.

The only person in recent memory to leave the Senate when he ran for president was Bob Dole back in 1996.

I've had presidential campaign fatigue since Spring of 2007. What about you?


I need a drink. Oh wait. I just had a bunch. Don't you just hate elections where the best choice is who will do the least damage? Hillary... NO. NO. NO. Osama... No. McCain... No. Hukawhat? No. Romney... Hmmmm.

Is it still too late to write in The Nuge?
I'd be all for The Nuge taking a 4 or 8 year stint in the White House. How could we get him to run?
Keep a herd of deer on the White House lawn.
hey, that's a great idea.
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