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Friday, January 11, 2008

Pouting Pollster Poll

Why The Polls Don't Add Up - NPR.

Why The New Hampshire Polls Were So Far Off - The San Francisco Testicle.

Late NH Polls Missed Clinton Upswing - AP.

Well there certainly seems to be quite the back peddling from the pollsters who are eager to wipe the egg of their faces in their abysmal predictions of the New Hampshire primary. The pollsters are desperately spinning to keep what little legitimacy they have left fighting for some type of job-security. But hooba-dooba - did they miss the mark in calling the New Hampshire primary.

Since when did pollsters consider themselves infallible? When did pollsters define what they do as a precise science that is insulated and protected from error?

I think that in general, people dislike and mistrust pollsters. To have some fun, I think people misrepresent themselves and who and how they voted - and their true stance on issues - when responding to pollsters.

I think people enjoy making pollsters look foolish. I think this is exactly what happened in New Hampshire.

Some people like to make fools out of pollsters. I'm all for it.


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