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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Paging Dr. Rawls...Paging Dr. Rawls

I wonder how many takes it took to get this bit down without the actors cracking up laughing.

The late, great Lou Rawls and Damon Wayans.

Oh that is too funny. Somehow I can't help feeling that is how we all are going to be feeling after the elections are over. I just wish that one time... one time, I could be kissed before the probing begins. At least that way I'd have some warning and maybe then my eyes won't come clean out of my head.
That was funny. I miss Lou.
Yeah Molson, never underestimate the Dems ability to painfully shove something up the butt of the American public. I agree.

Thanks for visiting and commenting, as always. Happy New Year!
Yeah Two Dogs, I miss Lou too. Glad we have so much of his voice on vinyl, tape and CD.

The Wayans Bro's are pretty damn creative and funny. They think outside the box in so many hilarious ways.

Thanks for visiting and commenting, as always. Happy New Year, best to Bean.
...Yes DD. The Dems have an acronym for that...

VLAD - Violent Liberal Anal Dilation.

They don't call Vlad, "The Impaler", for nothing. Ha!
Bwa! "VLAD - Violent Liberal Anal Dilation."

That's hilarious!!!
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