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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Democrat Votes And Ballots
Perfect, Pure And Untainted

Did I hear this right, that the New Hampshire caucus primary uses Diebold voting machines to count the paper ballots, but the state retains the paper ballots as a fail safe?

It sure is amazing that within the Democrat Party all those votes being cast are perfect and wholesome. Note there has not been even the slightest whisper of any ballot tampering, confused wording or any other remotely slight imperfections with any of the results.

It sure is amazing that those Diebold voting machines worked perfectly and flawlessly for the voting in New Hampshire, especially on the Democrat side of the primary. Why, those Diebold machines didn't even hiccup as far as I can tell.

The Usual Gang Of Insane Liberals usually shouts and cries that Diebold machines are rigged when a Republican wins and the Democrat loses in a General Election. But not in Iowa or New Hampshire, nope - those ballots and votes are as pure as the wind-driven snow.

In New Hampshire, those Diebold Machines ran on time, damn it!

There's no assertions or wild speculation that votes for Dennis Kookcinich weren't counted or that Osama Hussein Obama supports stuffed the ballot boxes or that the Hillary Clinton campaign rigged the New Hampshire Diebold Machines. No sirree - it was scientific perfection in a vacuum; as perfect as perfect can be.

There weren't any hanging, swinging or pregnant chads; no "I thought I was voting for Bill Richardson but my vote went to Pat Buchanan," type foul cries.

Nope. Nothing. A pure, perfect and untainted election for the Dems.

It sure is amazing that Diebold machines are free from any hint of manipulation or malfunction and get the Democrat Seal of Approval during the primaries.

I wonder if the Dems will be as uncritical of Diebold and the voting process as they are now when the time comes for the General Election in November?


...only if the Dems win DD. Only if the Dems win.
You got that right, Molson. "Tampering, what tampering, we (the Dems) won...there was no tampering."

They are such lying pieces of shit.
Yeah DD and the Dems are about as clean and wholesome as my skivies after I've consumed a super size bean burrito and poured twenty beers down my neck. Now that makes for one hell of a hanging chad.
And hanging and pregnant chad at that!!! Watch out for those explosive bean burrito's - those will be the next item blamed for "climate change".
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