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Monday, December 10, 2007

Why yes...

...I am sick and tired of Christmas songs already. I was six weeks ago.

Especially any Christmas songs by Michael Bolton, Kenny G., Bing Crosby (rot and burn in Hell, Crosby, for that unforgivable whistling in "White Christmas") and Bruce Springsteen (for "Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town" - which, in my opinion has to be one of the worst, vile, vomit-inducing versions of that song ever sung).

Thanks for asking...

well in that case, have a holly jolly christmas...oh by golly have a holly jolly christmas this year.
Holly Jolly isn't a bad or grating song, as long as it's not the Burl Ives version, which is annoying only because it gets far too much air play and Muzak play.

Those that deserve more airplay and don't seem to get it are: Elvis' "Blue Christmas", Bunghole Crosby's "Mele Kalikimaka". Any carole by Andy Williams is good too. But these just don't get as much airplay as the sucky ones. It's all a conspiracy by the Illuminati, I think.
HOW COULD YOU???! How could you have a hate Christmas song list and omit that abomination by Mariah Carey "All I Want For Christmas is You?" I hear it in the stores, in the car, in my dreams. Arrrgh! Good Grief Charlie Brown someone put her and that song out of my misery!

Fortunatley I have Salsoul Orchestra's Sleighride, Lou Rawls "Babay it's Cold Outside" and Crosby's Mele Kalikimaka on my MP3 player. ALong with Dr. Hook, Manhatten Transfer and Wynton Marsalis! Merry Christmas!
Oh, touche' Dane - I too hate Carey's "All I Want For Christmas..." It gets far too much airplay. Once - back in 1994 - was enough for me.

It wasn't much of a post about Christmas songs I hate, but the couple I mentioned really do grate on me. And I just hate whistling in general.

Lou Rawls, rest his soul, had one of the best voices ever to grace the planet. He is sadly missed.

Yes, Yes - Manhatten T-fer and Wynston Marsalis - I fully agree some wonderful Christmas music from them. The Ray Charles Christmas album too, sadly which gets too little airplay.

I also have to add Elvis and "Blue Christmas" - I love it - and it hardly gets any airplay on the radio stations and XM that I listen to. And I like "Silver Bells" and "Let it Snow" by Dean Martin.

I think you and I are within a few years of being the same age - and I won't say where that is - but I'm more of a "traditionalist" when it comes to Christmas songs. I like most any Christmas song by Andy Williams too - his voice is so smooth. Mel Torme - another one. Brenda Lee's "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree."

There just seems to be the same songs played year after year at this time, when there is such a wealth of material from which to choose.

Maybe you have an idea for your next two Thursday Thirteens: one week the Christmas songs you like and the next week 13 that you loathe!

Take care, and if I don't get another chance I too wish you and yours a very Merry and Blesses Christmas and a Happy and Healthy Successful New Year.
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