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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

U.N. Hosts Panic Party!

If you're not in a state of panic...why...the United Nations wants to know why not?

The U.N. is hyper-venti-panicking over global warming - ur, make that climate change, why aren't you? You're not hyper-venti-panicking over climate change? Well! What the HELL is wrong with you? You must need an intensive course of Liberal re-edumacation.

The following folks are all panicking:

Artur Runge-Metzger

Yvo de Boer

Amanda Katili

Rachmat Witoelar

Emil Salim

Stavros Dimas

Martin Hiller

First of all, Arthur...pick one last name, not two; your last name is either Runge or Metzger, not both. It's bad enough when women have to add two or more hyphenated last names to their first name, in a search for an identity or an extreme statement of uber-feminism by holding on to their maiden name as if doing so lends them either legitimacy, credibility or self-aware existentialism...but a guy with two hyphenated last names? That's even more Sissyish than John Edwards.

The names that are the most common-sounding names are those of Amanda and Martin. The rest of them? Where'd they come from, Jupiter?

All the names above are from a story at Bloomberg.com, the topic of which is how the United Nations can create its own gigantic carbon footprint by jetting off to Bali for the sole purpose of telling the rest of us that we are polluters and that we are causing global warming climate change.

According to the Bloomberg story:

    Government officials and activists flying to Bali, Indonesia, for the United Nations meeting on climate change will cause as much pollution as 20,000 cars in a year.

    The delegates each will produce an average 4.07 metric tons of carbon dioxide, or CO2, to reach the resort island 950 kilometers (600 miles) from Jakarta, according to estimates e- mailed to Bloomberg by the UN agency holding the conference.

    Some of the 187 nations participating in the two-week forum promised to offset their so-called carbon footprint by planting trees or buying emission credits. The symbolic actions won't help stop global warming, some scientists say.

    ``It's very hard for the public to understand that you come together with so many people to a very distant place and cause a lot of emissions, and at the same time talk about emission reductions,'' Artur Runge-Metzger, head of climate strategy for the European Commission, said yesterday in an interview in Bali, adding that he had offset his own emissions.

Yeah, whatever Art, us regular folks aren't bright enough to figure out why you folks must - simply must - travel to some exotic locale instead of sitting around a table at the U.N. building eating tuna fish sandwiches and Doritos. GFY, Art, just GFY.

Think of the pollution the UN is contributing...as much as is caused by 20,000 cars over the timespan of one year. One year! Well, what's a little hypocrisy within the UN - I mean, really - isn't that what the UN is all about; hypocrisy? Unmitigated, rank, hysterical Chicken Little The Sky is Falling type of hypocrisy?

Does the world really need people with names such as Yvo, Stavros and Rachmat (I thought Rachmat was a type of salad dressing) getting all high and mighty, preaching pseudo-science to us that it's bad that we're driving SUVs while they hop into their private jets, stay at the finest hotels, are transported to-and-fro in the sleekest and newest limos - likely to have an SUV motorcade because they are such important people, VIP's no less - being catered to like they are reincarnated Greek gods?

The only ones with names that sound real are Amanda and Martin. What are you two doing hanging with Yvo, Stavros and Rachmat. And yes, I'll have the salad instead of the soup, with Rachmat dressing on the side.

I bet all the members with odd-sounding names are really those reptilian phase-shape-shifting aliens running the world body politic. Their real names are S0vptk, iGzyrek, Kdu9kip, Jxugbq and Squid. And in private, they all rib and pick on Squid because he , she, it has the most common sounding name among their fellow reptilian-humanoids.

At least the world has more sane people who AREN'T alarmists and are telling the global warming crowd to "chill":

    An international team of scientists skeptical of man-made climate fears promoted by the UN and former Vice President Al Gore, descended on Bali this week to urge the world to "have the courage to do nothing" in response to UN demands.

    Lord Christopher Monckton, a UK climate researcher, had a blunt message for UN climate conference participants on Monday.

    "Climate change is a non-problem. The right answer to a non problem is to have the courage to do nothing," Monckton told participants.

    "The UN conference is a complete waste of our time and your money and we should no longer pay the slightest attention to the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,)" Monckton added.

    Monckton also noted that the UN has not been overly welcoming to the group of skeptical scientists.

    "UN organizers refused my credentials and appeared desperate that I should not come to this conference. They have also made several attempts to interfere with our public meetings," Monckton explained.

    "It is a circus here," agreed Australian scientist Dr. David Evans. Evans is making scientific presentations to delegates and journalists at the conference revealing the latest peer-reviewed studies that refute the UN's climate claims.

    "This is the most lavish conference I have ever been to, but I am only a scientist and I actually only go to the science conferences," Evans said, noting the luxury of the tropical resort.

A lavish and luxurious U.N. conference? You mean they're not scaling back their party to comply with what they want the rest of us to comply? Why...that's so unlike the U.N. (cough, spit, cough, hack, spit, cough, puke, poop, cough, spit, poop, puke, projectile vomit, projectile poop, cough, hack, cough).

These global warming alarmists are insane - you know that, right? They are all delusional, foaming-at-the-mouth mad. But preaching this false manifesto certainly has been financially rewarding to Albert Gore, Junior:

    Many of the audience at last month's Fortune Forum summit were restless as Mr Gore, who has won both a Nobel Peace Prize and an Oscar for his campaigning work this year, delivered the half-hour speech that netted him £100,000.

NO! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! Gore should have been paid in LUPINS!

This so-called global warming is the biggest scam since time began. It is nothing but a gigantic redistribution of wealth on an enormous world scale. It is a Popular Delusion of The Most Maddening Crowd of Alarmists.



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