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Friday, December 28, 2007

One Hit News

Benazir Bhutto killed in attack. BBC:

    Pakistani former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has been assassinated in a suicide attack.

    Ms Bhutto - the first woman PM in an Islamic state - was leaving an election rally in Rawalpindi when a gunman shot her in the neck and set off a bomb.

    At least 20 other people died in the attack and several more were injured.

Pakistan's Election Day in doubt. The Irish Times

    Ms Bhutto's main political rival, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, also condemned the assassination and blamed President Pervez Musharraf for an attack on a rally earlier today in which four of his supporters were killed and around 12 injured in Islamabad.

    He also announced that his party would boycott the elections due next month.

    "Free elections are not possible in the presence of Musharraf," he said.

Bhutto "almost certainly killed by al Qaida". Newsweek

UK's Prime Minister Gordon Brown calls Bhutto's killers,"cowards afraid of democracy". BBC

- - - - -

Prince Charles supports saving rainforests around the world. Aftenposten

(Story juxtaposition indeed intended.)
- - - - -
(Yawn, stretch, yawn, rub eyes, mix strong alcohol based beverage) Presidential candidates go into "frenzy" - like zombies seeking brains - one week before the Iowa caucuses. CNN

    With just one week to go before the Iowa caucuses, the Democratic presidential candidates are focusing on the Hawkeye state, working to clearly define the choices they are offering.

    The Republican candidates, on the other hand, continue to keep their eyes on New Hampshire and the other early voting states that will quickly follow Iowa's January 3 caucuses.

- - - - -
Here's a catchy headline: Syphilis makes grand return to Europe. Pravda
Not just any ordinary return, a grand return...
- - - - -
Food Safety Authority inspectors apparently uncovered an illegal halal butchery operation on a surprise visit to a farm in Østfold County on Thursday afternoon. Aftenposten:

    The Muslim practice of halal, where the animal is not anesthetized before killing, and is bled to death by having its carotid artery cut, is illegal in Norway, for violation of animal treatment laws.

    "This is a severe violation of the Animal Protection Act and it will be viewed very seriously," said Kirsti Ullsfoss, FSA district chief for the region.

    Ullsfoss said that this is the first time an illegal butcher has been caught red-handed.

- - - - -
Events of 2007 may or may not influence Danish language. The Copenhagen Post

    From 'love cards' to 'a downer of a surprise' and 'grups' to 'bvs' the past year has added a number of new terms and phrases to Denmark's linguistic legacy.

    Each December, the Danish Language Council publishes a list of words that came into wide-spread use in the previous 12 months. Typically the list includes words that enjoyed cultural, societal and political, as well as everyday life significance throughout the year.


    Some phrases and words took on a wholly different meaning from its original definition. For example, 'lay day' (liggedag) - originally the number of days a ship was docked - was used to describe a day when a nursing home resident had to stay in bed due to lack of staff.


    Phrases from the controversial Christmas TV advent calendar show, 'Yallahrup F�rgeby', such as 'one sick gangster' (ornli syg gangsta), were flashes in the pan as well.

    Whether any of the words actually become part of official Danish is something that only time will tell.

    'The word has to have a viable lifespan so one can reasonably say it has entered Danish vocabulary.'

    Among the new words that came into wide-spread use in 2007:
    - 'Drive-by gangs' (drive-by-bande)
    - 'Post-holiday depression' (efterferiedepression)
    - 'Love card' (same in Danish) - 12-month visa that allows partners of Danish
    citizens to stay in Denmark
    - 'A downer of a surprise' (Nederaskeren) - an amalgam of the Danish words for 'downer' and 'surprise'
    - 'Popcorn movie' (popkornfilm) - a family movie

Dave? Please, as a man who actually has possession of an Eire passport: JAYZUS, DON'T BE QUOTING THE IRISH TIMES."
jesus i love ya, but could you cut the length of the page like in half? it takes an hour to load.
eh, TC - 'twas ireland.com, same thing I guess. I try not 'ta.
Rev, could it be you connection speed? Cause on hi-speed dsl, wifi, etc, it just boots up aok.
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