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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Muslim Dad Charged With Killing
Daughter For Not Wearing Hijab

Another example in the worldwide continuing series of how Islam is a Religion of Peace.

The death of a 16-year-old Toronto-area girl - allegedly at the hands of her devout Muslim father - is raising questions over whether religious beliefs played a role in her killing. Canadian Press:

    Friends of Aqsa Parvez say there was rising tension in her home over whether she should wear a head scarf, or hijab.

    Ausma Khan, the editor-in-chief of Muslim Girl magazine, says Muslim teens are no different from other adolescents - they're trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in.

    Khan says the debate over wearing a hijab and dressing modestly takes place in certain households, but not as commonly as some may think since most parents view it as a girl's personal choice.

    Atiya Ahsan, with the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, says the significance of the hijab has taken on "larger than life" proportions to the non-Muslim community.

    She calls it a fallacy to think that wearing a piece of fabric makes a girl more spiritual, when what she does is more important than what she wears on her head.

Father admits to killing daughter because she would not wear hijab. al-Reuters:

    A Canadian teenager who was said to have clashed with her father about whether she should wear a traditional Muslim head scarf died of injuries late on Monday, and her father told police he had killed her.

    Aqsa Parvez, 16, was found without a pulse in her home in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga earlier on Monday. She was resuscitated by paramedics, treated at two hospitals, and later succumbed to her injuries, police said on Tuesday.

    Her father, 57-year-old Muhammad Parvez, has been charged with murder and was remanded back into custody after his first court appearance early on Tuesday.

    "There was a 911 call placed by a man who indicated that he had just killed his daughter," Jodi Dawson, a constable with Peel Regional Police, told Reuters. "Everything else is evidentiary in nature and the investigation is in its preliminary stages at this point."

    The victim's brother, Waqas Parvez, 26, was arrested and charged with obstructing police.

    The story was on the front pages of Canadian newspapers on Tuesday. The newspapers quoted friends and schoolmates of the victim as saying she argued with her father over wearing a hijab, the traditional head scarf worn by Muslim females.

    Photos of the teen retrieved from a social networking Web site show her in Western dress with her long dark hair loose.

    "She was always scared of her dad, she was always scared of her brother," the Toronto Star quoted a classmate as saying.

    Others were quoted as saying the girl wore traditional Muslim dress when leaving the house in the morning, but would change into other clothes in school washrooms.

I wonder how the tolerant Left would portray this story if this tragic incident had been committed by a Christian or Jew? We know the answer. It would be along the lines of the Left saying, "oh, there goes those crazy Right Wing Religious Fundamentalist Christians, again." Or, "There goes those crazy Jews with their crazy religious beliefs."

Of course, we'll never really know much - if anything - about what the Left thinks about, or will say, about this sad and tragic story. The Left doesn't question or criticize Islam in any form - ever - at all. The Left is too busy and preoccupied removing the Ten Commandments from government offices and buildings, displaying crucifixes in urine and calling it art, removing crosses from public property and personally attacking the religious beliefs of some guy who is running for president who just happens to be a Mormon.

And...where is the first elected Muslim - ever - to the U.S. House of Representatives, Minnesota's own Keith al-Ellison? I haven't heard him say the actions of killing one's daughter because she won't wear a hijab are reprehensible. Hmmmmmm...usually al-Ellison is so fair and balanced on his approach to all religious practices (ahem, cough, cough, hack, hack).

Rest In Peace, Aqsa Parvez. You were far too young to leave the world.


I'm certain the uber libs will defend this vile act as an expression of religious freedom. Just don't put up a christmas tree. That would really be trouble.
Honestly - no sh*t - they'll blame Bush saying it was his fault her dad killed her.
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