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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lieberman Endorses McCain

Independent Senator from Connecticut, Joe Lieberman - (he used to be a Democrat, remember? He was the Vice President on the John Kerry presidential ticket in 2004...and you remember Kerry, rumor has it he served in Vietnam) - endorsed the presidential candidacy of Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona. From AP:

    Republican John McCain is having quite a moment. He's rising in the polls. He's got major newspaper endorsements in Iowa and New Hampshire. And now he's getting help with this state's legions of independent voters from Joe Lieberman, the contrarian who was Democrat Al Gore's running mate in 2000.


    The decision by the Senate's best-known independent to snub the Democratic Party could help McCain win a bigger share of the tide of independent voters who have been expected to flow to the Democratic field in New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation primary on Jan. 8.

    Independents outnumber Republicans and Democrats here, and the state is key to McCain's hopes for the GOP nomination.

Lieberman, according to Newsday, says his endorsement of McCain is not a snub of Connecticut's other U.S. Senator Chris Dudd:

    Sen. Joseph Lieberman said Monday his endorsement of Republican John McCain's presidential bid was not intended as payback for fellow Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd, a 2008 White House hopeful who supported Lieberman's rival during his 2006 fall re-election race.

    "This honestly doesn't have anything to do with last year," Lieberman, I-Conn., said in a telephone conference call with reporters. "I think Chris and I are over that."

    Lieberman said he made a "respectful decision" partly owing to wide differences with Dodd on issues like Iraq, Iran and terrorism.

    "This is a decision made based on comparing John McCain to all the other candidates," he said.

    A message seeking comment was left for Dodd's presidential campaign.

    After losing the 2006 Democratic primary in Connecticut to political newcomer Ned Lamont largely because of his support for the Iraq war, Lieberman defied party leaders and ran as an independent in the general election to hang onto his seat.

    The move rankled Democrats who questioned the senator's party loyalty. Top Democrats, including Lieberman's longtime friend Dodd, abandoned him after the primary defeat and backed Lamont.

    Lieberman has said his feelings were hurt by Dodd, who campaigned for Lamont in the general election and filmed a campaign commercial with him. Since then, Lieberman and Dodd have said they are working to repair their ruptured relationship.

    "I consider Chris Dodd to be my friend," Lieberman said. "We work together on a lot of matters here in Washington for Connecticut."

Party loyalty within the Liberals and Progressives? Christ, they'd sell their grandmother and children if they thought it would get them a vote. There's no party loyalty in the Far Left Crowd - who the hell do they think they're kidding? Only themselves.

Okay - now this is where the fun begins. Which party has hissy fits, wets their panties and cries like a spoiled child when they don't get exactly what they want? The LiberTards, of course.

Which party, the DemocRATS or the Republicans, have been the party of late who have been preaching, shouting and screaming about working in a bipartisan manner?

So we have a moment of bipartisanship with Lieberman endorsing McCain, and how do two of the biggest crybaby Lefty blogs respond? Well, they make a messy in their diapers.

At Daily KooKs, "kos" responds by running the below photo whose image location is named "Lieberman Gropes McCain" under a post titled of "Sexy":

Over at his place, John Aravosis takes the pacifier out of his mouth long enough to write the following about Lieberman's endorsement of McCain:

    Reader Dennis in Arlington alerted me that our favorite loser is going to be endorsing McCain. Big surprise. Lieberman lost his mind, and his loyalties, long ago. All that he's interested in now is starting as many wars in the Middle East as possible. And in that regard, Lieberman is right to pick McCain. No one can guarantee getting us into more wars than another Republican candidate.

    I really can't wait until we get just a few more Democratic Senate seats in the next election so we can tell Lieberman to take a hike and join the Republicans where he'll be happily irrelevant working in the minority. Then see how much good he is to whomever it is he's truly loyal to.

Awwwwwww...poor little LiberTards, all upset over someone they trashed who no longer is towing the Socialist Party Mantra. What did you - and all the other LiberTards - expect, when you sh*t on Lieberman and tried to get Ned Lamont elected? Lieberman easily trounced Lamont in the general election which is only another fact that the majority of Democrat voters are not hanging out with - and do not think the same as - the uber-LeftTards like those that hang out at KooKs and Aravosis' blog.

And it gets even better and easier at showing how phony the Libs and Progs are. The below info on the two Senators is from the same site: "On The Issues". The site tracks how every politicians votes.

The site includes ratings by groups like NARAL - the National Abortion & Reproductive Rights Action League formerly knows as National Abortion Rights Action League - you know them, they're the pro-baby killers.

Another group that is cited at "On The Issues" is the NRA, the National Rifle Association noting their "rating" of how a politician votes regarding the Second Amendment.

Now...here is the kicker. Compare and contrast the voting records at "On The Issues" between:

Harry Reid, the Nevada Socialist


Joe Lieberman.

Lieberman's voting record is by far, far more Liberal than is Reid's voting record. Lieberman received a "100%" favorable score from the baby killers NARAL. Reid only receive a measly "29%" favorable score from the baby killers (ahem), I mean NARAL. But the abortion issue, oh - that is soooo, like, yesterday! Today - for the Libs and Progs - it's being Anti-War, anti-Bush and anti-Cheney - that's all that matters to them.

But why do the Libs and Progs have such seething hatred for Lieberman? Because he agrees on the issue of the War in Iraq and Afghanistan and Reid does not. Coincidentally, the war against terrorism is also a belief held by President George W. Bush - and the Libs and Progs are overflowing with Bush Derangement Syndrome and cannot and will not have anything to do with anyone who happens to agree that America has a right to defend itself.

So much for not being one-issue voters, hey "kos".... Aravosis? What a couple of pole-smokers.

On Friday December 14, Democrat Congressman Charlie Rangel bemoaned the fact on Liberal Pinhead Lefty Talker Ed Schultz's radio program that he (Rangel) wishes they had more of an edge of a majority vote in the Senate. Well, you Libs and Progs could have had that, but no - you all pooped on Joe Lieberman and genuflected to Ned Lamont.

Hey Ned, how do you feel about being used by the Libs, because that's all they did with you. They used you. They found a rich guy who could spend millions of his own money - as opposed to using DNC money that only goes to fund the very special candidates anointed by the Lib/Prog Politburo - who the Libs and Progs supported because he (Lamont) agreed to talk the Talking Point of being against the war. That was it...that was THE BIG ISSUE for Lamont, nothing else.

So the crybaby crowd is once again aiming their slurs and invective against Joe Lieberman. He was good enough to be the VP for the Dem Party in 2004...but now? Now Lieberman is the target of the Insane Liberal Clown Posse. I'm sure he's used to it, I'm sure Joe knows all too well what the Far Edge Left is like.

Good for you Joe, for endorsing McCain and getting the crybabies all hyperactive and dirtying their diapers again. I like anyone who makes the LiberTards scream and yell and kick their feet.

Bipartisanship? That's not what the Left wants.

Liberal Candidates? Well, that's not really what the Left wants, either. Not considering how much further to the Left Lieberman's voting record is compared to Reid. But Reid is against the war and this is the only reason Reid is supported by the likes of "kos", Aravosis and the Extreme left Wing Fringe.

No - the Left only wants candidates and supporters who are against the war. No other qualifications matter.

And you Lefties claim you're not a one-issue party. What a bunch of hooey.


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