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Thursday, December 20, 2007

John Edwards' Blinks And Lies?

He blinks, and lies, he blinks and lies and blinks...
Blink, Blink, Blink ...
Lie, Lie, Lie...
It's the Blinking Lying John Edwards Show!

Many professionals and laypersons believe that one way to detect if a person is lying, or being deceptive or being less than honest when answering a question, is to observe if the person answering the question blinks rapidly and repeatedly.

Using rapid and repeated eye-blinking as an indicator to judge whether or not the person answering questions is being truthful or deceptive is not a speculative or amateurish science.

The following excerpt is from "Detecting Deception" - The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, July, 2001 by Joe Navarro, John R. Schafer:

    Rapid blinking or "eyelid flutter" signals a sensitive topic. [9] Officers carefully should observe the speaker's eyes, which can alert to the possibility of deception.

A story in the July, 2003, Sydney Morning Herald - an excerpt from "The Book of Tells", by Peter Collett - states the following:

    Another supposed sign of lying is rapid blinking. It's true that when we become aroused or our mind is racing, there's a corresponding increase in our blinking rate. Our normal rate is about 20 blinks per minute, but it can increase to four or five times that figure when we feel under pressure. When liars are searching for an answer to an awkward question, their thought processes speed up. In this kind of situation, lying is frequently associated with blinking. But we need to remember that there are times when people have a high blinking rate, not because they're lying, but because they're under pressure.

Changing Minds.org connects repeated and rapid eye blinking to arrogance:

    Rapid blinking blocks vision and can be an arrogant signal, saying 'I am so important, I do not need to see you'.'

Powerstates.org cites the late President Richard Nixon's rapid and repeated blinking in his "I am not a crook," speech:

    The most notable study of eyelid blinking and thought process was in Nixon’s infamous “I’m not a crook” speech, in which his eyelid blinking was noticeably faster than normal during certain segments, indicating to some that he was lying.

So, with all the above duly noted, have you noticed how often, how repeatedly and how frequently John
"The Sissy" Edwards blinks when answering a question; any question. It doesn't matter if it's in a debate or a one-on-one conversation, his eye blinking is off the charts, non-stop.

Don't believe me?

Surf YouTube for some John Edwards videos and you will find a slew of them that show him answering a question or responding to a statement while his eye lids immediately go into rapid eye blinking mode.

I did not want to insert the embeddable code into this post thereby making this page slow to load, but I did link to the below Edwards videos that support my allegation that - when answering a question - Edwards cannot stop blinking.

Is he lying? You be the judge. View the videos below of John Edwards Rapid Eye Blinking. Most of the clips are less than one minute; two clock in a bit over 2 minutes :

CNN Democratic Presidential Debate: John Edwards New Year Wish

CNN Democratic Presidential Debate: John Edwards, Positions Can Change

MSNBC Democratic Presidential Debate: John Edwards "Look your children in the eye tonight."

AFL-CIO Debate: Health Care

And this video snippet, only 42-seconds in length, where I tired to count the number of blinks Edwards made but I just couldn't get an accurate number.

Oh - and remember a couple months back when the National Enquirer ran a story about Edwards having an affair and the rest of the media ignored the story? Well, the "NE" now says Edwards has an illegitimate love child. I'm sure if this were a story about Rudy, Mitt, Huckabee or McCain the MSM would be all over it. But since it's about Edwards...we won't hear anything about it from the MSM.

But back to Edwards and his rapid, repeated eye blinking. Boy, those eye lids could create a nice breeze on hot day for someone sitting across from him, huh?



I predict that the MSM will go after the John Edwards - Rielle Hunter love affair story (with baby in oven now!) ONLY if he looks to be the nominee.

The MSM would prefer to just ignore any sex scandal of a politician (Democrat, that is), but they may have to cover the story when Ms. Hunter puts John Edwards on the birth certificate as the father. Under some state laws, it's the birth certificate that counts for child support, if the "birth father" does not contest it.

Once Rielle Hunter determines that it would be much easier to get child support if John Edwards is listed on the birth certificate, I think that Ms. Hunter will let the story out. She knows about John Edwards' fortune and she wants it!!

So, what's this mean? It's my opinion that Rielle Hunter's life could be in danger. John Edwards would do anything to shut her up (and to prevent that baby from being born.) God help her.
I agree I think Edwards should - would - could - SHOULD be easy to beat, I don't know that the MSM wouldn't be playing their part as an ally. Unsure if they would jump on the Edwards-affair-lovechild thing.

If the MSM were fair, and they're not, they would - as you say - as they would if it were Giuliani or Thompason or Romney.

Guess we'll find out soon enough, right?

Thanks for visiting and commenting.
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