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Monday, December 10, 2007

Harry Reid Popularity Plummets

Yessiree Bob - it sure does seem that U.S. Senator from Nevader and corrupt but not investigated (you know how those Dems are, they can get away with anything without ever being investigated), Harry Reid's popularity in his home state is dropping like...like hair follicles dropping from Joe Biden's scalp!

KREN News reports the following about Reid:

    In a survey of 600 likely voters conducted for the Reno Gazette-Journal [found that] ...


    U.S. Sen. Harry Reid's approval rating also is suffering under his partisan role as Senate majority leader and the public's overall dissatisfaction with Congress.

    Of those surveyed, 39% said they approved of Reid's job performance and 49% said they did not.

This is the "New DemocRAT" Congress people, the one that set out in January 2007 to really "do something", to "make changes" because they said it was what "the American people wanted."

Maybe Harry can blame his low approval ratings as something caused by Global Warming.

Not to worry, Harry has real estate to sell you.

Did you know Reid was a Mormon! A Mormon! (Collective GASP!) A Mormon! My God, we can't have a Mormon in the Senate, can we? A Mormon? Why, what Mormon's believe is whacked, isn't it?

Plus, he's an expert on the milk industry and the lubricant industry!

Harry Reid is a lubricant.


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Harry Reid is a turd brought to life by the scourge that is global warming. OK. Maybe global warming had nothing to do with Harry, but he is still a turd and it's well past time to pull the chain and flush him out to sea.
And he's a Mormon, Molson! A Mormon! The Left tells us we can't have Mormons in politics, let alone the White House!

Reid is such a sh*tbag. He's 180 or 195 - however much he weights - pounds of shit in a 5 lb suit.
Harry is not up for re-election until 2010. Let us hope that the voters of Nevada will come to their senses and send Harry packing, with pension and all.
Harry Reid should be urine-boarded, just for fun.

It's just like water-boarding, only with urine. Hence the term.

(ahem) it's just a joke.
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