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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Drake - 1; Mice - 0

The other day when I pressed the wall-mounted button for the automatic garage door opener I saw a mouse run from the back of the garage out the door. Great...I thought...these hideous, disease-carrying little creatures are seeking a respite from the cold weather and decided to relocate in my garage. Filthy little creatures, mice are - they're just like DemocRATS, just like 'em.

So, off to the store, where I purchased mouse traps and D-Con. I have traps and plates of D-Con all over my garage, all ready for the battle. And I have no pets or children to be concerned about getting into the D-Con, so the mice can eat up the D-Con and bleed to death with abandon.

I don't know if it was just the one mouse or if I will find more, but the first one met its maker yesterday. His, or her, image is below.

I hope he or she had a moment of, "(sniffing the air)....mmmmm, I smell peanut butter. Hey, there it is.....", followed by THWACK!

He/she died with its eyes open. Isn't that precious?

And oh yeah, you can look forward to the above image being Photoshopped with the heads of the likes of Nanny Pelosi, Cluck Schumer and Hillary Clinton in place of the the mouse face. You can be sure I'll be doing that.



I think you killed some kids little hamster! I think they're good eating, if you can get more than 4 or 5. Bring em on over and I'll whip up a jambalaya!
Nasty little vermin. There's nothing like a rodent body count.

Do you think you could make a larger size snap trap DD? You know about 4'x6' and bait it with Chicom bag money. You never know what it might catch if placed correctly.
Bubba...Hillary....Pelsoi...Reid... in a mouse - uh, strike that - in a RAT trap? heh!!!!!!
Modesto - too late, I deep fried the fucker and ate it. It was yummy.

It does resemble a hamster but its a field mouse and there are a few out in that large fucking swamp - oh, excuse me - WETLAND - by my house.

Dude, I went with solid overkill too. Mousetraps, D Con, minefields, bazookas, fucking everything. I don't want them setting up a permanent residence in my garage or home. I fucking hate mice and rats, I just hate them.
I know the feeling! I had 129 "confirmed kills" at my last job. It is how I earned my nickname.
you are the Mice killer King! Was it a "war", or were you just "occupying" their terroritory?
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