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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One Hit News

Norway's plan to to use revealing new airport security scans called "disgusting." Aftenposten:

    Georg Apenes, director of the inspectorate known as Datatilsynet, told newspaper Aftenposten on Monday that the revealing scans are "an affront to one's decency."


    Readers called the scanners, which reveal literally stripped-down images of their subjects, everything from "unacceptable" to another step towards total surveillance.

- - - - -

Denmark police arrest man with Turkish roots for suspicions he urged terror groups abroad to kidnap Danish nationals. Copenhagen Post:

    PET, the domestic intelligence agency, the 22-year-old suspect has links to two men arrested on 4 September on suspicion that they were preparing explosives for use in a terror attack.

- - - - -
Clash occurs between right- and left-wing extremists at an Oslo cemetery. Aftenposten:

    The clash occurred as a group of neo-Nazis were holding a ceremony honoring German soldiers who were stationed and died in Norway during the Nazi occupation of World War II.

    Their ceremony was held at a German cemetery in Oslo's Alfaset district Sunday evening. Suddenly, another group proving to be left-wing extremists turned up, after their right-wing counterparts had lit torches on the German graves.

    The left-wing extremists were all wearing vests featuring reflector tape, but police couldn't immediately identify any of them or attach them to any anti-Nazi group.

    They reportedly attacked the neo-Nazis when they were in the process of laying down a wreath. That sparked a fight involving more than 20 persons and wooden clubs.

- - - - -
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia sees rise in satellite television piracy and unfiltered access to porn. Saudi Gazette:

    The Link Sat LS-900 now in the market here is likely to aggravate what the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) already says is a "very serious problem" of signal piracy in Saudi Arabia.

    The nondescript little silver satellite signal receiver and decoder costs SR750 and is a steal for what it does.
    It unlocks paid television channels such as Showtime, ART and allows access to dozens of porn channels as well.

    Showtime and ART representatives say those using the LS-900 are "Stealing not only from us but from all other satellite television service providers as well."


    The number of channels you get for free with this decoder is worth SR8,000 a year," Khan, a satellite television technician, said.


    Within seconds, the decoder had scanned the Internet and found the unlock codes for hundreds of pay channels, allowing illegal access.

- - - - -
Impeachment off the table for President Gloria Arroyo, at least for now. Manila Times:

    Members of the opposition in the House of Representatives walked out of Monday’s hearing on an impeachment complaint against President Gloria Arroyo that was filed by a lawyer in October.

    House Deputy Minority Leader Roilo Golez of Parañaque City led the boycott, as he called the hearing on the Roel Pulido complaint a “sham.”

    “I don’t think it would be useful and meaningful [for the minority congressmen] to participate in [this hearing], ” Golez told the House Committee on Justice hearing the Pulido complaint.

- - - - -
Some people in the UK are upset that others want to drop charges against children under fourteen who brutally tortured animals in a wildlife park. Evening Telegraph:

    “What happened to respect for people and animals?” asked Kellie Hanton, one of more than 150 people who had signed the document by the end of the weekend.

    “Something needs to be done quickly before something like this happens again.”

    An anonymous poster said, “Too often I think some kids, because of our ‘society way of thinking,’ don't take responsibility for the results of their behaviour.


    A deer had been slashed with a craft knife and several otters were beaten with clubs. A snowy owl was so distressed it killed its chicks, and a terrapin’s eyes were gouged out.

    Three children, all aged under 14, were subsequently arrested.

i want one of them there decoders, but i gotta get me a dish, heck a tv would come in handy too.
Maybe Santa will bring you one.
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