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Friday, November 09, 2007

Norman Goldman's Schultzian Prediction

I listened to most of today's show of Liberal Talker Ed Schultz. Ed had substitute host Norman Goldfinger sitting in for him because Ed is off deer hunting. Remember Ed, while you are deer hunting - deer don't bark, only dogs do. And since you've already killed one dog in a drunken hunting trip, killing two does not make you more "manly".

But I digress....because this post is about a prediction made by Norman Goldfinger , uh, Goldstein , Goldwhiner , uh...Goldman, yeah, that's it. I knew it was one of those kinda names.

Goldman made a prediction, on the Ed Schultz show - at 12:34PM Central Time on Friday, November 9, 2007 - saying that the date that President George W. Bush will bomb Iran will be:

    "November 21, 2008 - the day after Thanksgiving."

Goldfinger reckoned that Bush will bomb Iran after the 2008 election, and he figured that the day after Thanksgiving would be a good time because people "wouldn't be paying attention."

We won't have to wait and see if Goldstein's prediction comes true. He's already wrong - typical Lib that he is. Why is he wrong?

Well, November 21, 2008 is an interesting date for Goldman to pick, however, he apparently was talking out of his ass because
Thanksgiving 2008 falls on November 27th. This means the day after Thanksgiving is the 28th, not the 21st.

They have these things Norm, called calendars. Check them out - they're really cool. Maybe someone can explain to you how they work. They really are a nifty new-fangled gadget just invented a couple months ago - yep - no shit - just invented.

Goldman claims to be a lawyer. Would you want him for your attorney if he can't even manage to get right a future date? Oh well, maybe Goldstein was in a hurry to wrap up his substitute hosting and take off early for a Jewish holiday.


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