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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Minnesota's "Primary" Seat Belt Law

Here we go again:

    The Minnesota Department of Public Safety reports that 88 percent of Minnesotans are wearing their seat belts. That’s a high percentage, up from 83 percent last year, and should produce a corresponding decrease in traffic fatalities and serious injuries. But let’s not declare “mission accomplished” too soon. There’s one more step that needs to be taken: passage of a primary seat-belt law. In Minnesota, and in 25 other states, police can’t pull over drivers who aren’t wearing seat belts unless they first commit some other violation. This is an unusual statute; in fact, the seat-belt law is the only “secondary” traffic law on Minnesota’s books. In May, the Legislature came close to changing this, but a primary seat-belt bill didn’t make the final cut in the Omnibus Transportation Bill.

Well, thank god it didn't make the cut in the final Tranny Bill.

The 2008 Minnesota Legislative session will once again take up the issue of making wearing a seat belt mandatory and a primary offense.

Got Nanny State?

Minnesota, like many other states, faces critical issues such as crime, inflation, infrastructure, transportation, health care, illegal immigration, wasteful government spending, budgetary woes - to name a few - and the Democrats are hellbent and obsessed on more control and intrusion into peoples' private lives with their damned mandatory seat belt law.

The irony is that motorcyclists are not required by law in Minnesota to wear a helmet. I'm not saying they should. If any cyclist wants to fly off their bike and have their brain smeared on the highway, they have every right to do so. Same with seat belts.

The argument for mandating seat belt use is the usual false mantra from the Left that it will "save lives." It's not about saving lives. If saving lives is the primary and utmost concern of the Democrats, outlaw cars and trucks and demand everyone travel by horse and buggy.

Making wearing a seat belt a primary offense is simply a revenue raiser, just another reason to be pulled over by the cops and fork over your cash to the state. This is all it is. Well, this, and of course more intrusion into peoples' lives from the usual cradle to grave Liberal mentality.

While any police officer is busy writing you a ticket for not wearing a seat belt, another driver has just driven by exceeding the speed limit by 10 or 20 miles per hour or with a Blood Alcohol Content of .19 (legal limit .08). Who is more dangerous to the general public? The Democrats believe it's the person not wearing a seat belt.

If Dems want to save lives, crack down on speeders - and I'm not referring to the speeder who's traveling at 5-10 mph faster than the speed limit.

If you're in the left/inside lane on a Minnesota freeway and not going at least 80 mph you will have someone tail-gating you.

Stop signs are another area where stopping is a mere simple suggestion for drivers who don't even bother to do a "rolling stop".

If the state and cities want to raise revenue and provide "safety", no better two places to do it than freeway speeders and parking any cop in hidden view near any stop sign.


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Seat belts are great for tying up --

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