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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Attacking Joe Lieberman

U.S. Senator from Connecticut, Democrat Joe Lieberman, gave an excellent speech on November 8 at the Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies.

The entire speech can be found at Lieberman's website.

The New York Times covered some highlights:

    Iraq has become the singular litmus test for Democratic candidates. No Democratic presidential primary candidate today speaks of America’s moral or strategic responsibility to stand with the Iraqi people against the totalitarian forces of radical Islam, or of the consequences of handing a victory in Iraq to Al Qaeda and Iran. And if they did, their campaign would be as unsuccessful as mine was in 2006. Even as evidence has mounted that General Petraeus’ new counterinsurgency strategy is succeeding, Democrats have remained emotionally invested in a narrative of defeat and retreat in Iraq, reluctant to acknowledge the progress we are now achieving, or even that that progress has enabled us to begin drawing down our troops there.


    ...another reason for the Democratic flip-flop on foreign policy over the past few years is less substantive. For many Democrats, the guiding conviction in foreign policy isn’t pacifism or isolationism—it is distrust and disdain of Republicans in general, and President Bush in particular.


    ...several left-wing blogs seized upon the Kyl-Lieberman amendment, offering wild conspiracy theories about how it could be used to authorize the use of military force against Iran.

    These were absurd arguments. The text of our amendment contained nothing—nothing—that could be construed as a green light for an attack on Iran. To claim that it did was an act of delusion or deception.

    On the contrary, by calling for tougher sanctions on Iran, the intention of our amendment was to offer an alternative to war.

    Nonetheless, the conspiracy theories started to spread.

By any political standard of measurement, Joe Lieberman is a Liberal, a huge liberal. In many areas Lieberman is far, far more liberal than is Harry Reid. But Lieberman, according to the hardcore Left is a traitor, yet Harry Reid is not a traitor. The distinguishing factor is that Lieberman supports the War in Iraq and Reid's philosophy is to lose for political gain. That's it - no other reason.

Lieberman was good enough, Liberal enough, qualified enough to run as the Democrat Party Vice Presidential candidate in year 2000, but now he's a pariah - at least according to the Fringe Lefties.

One need look no further than some of the disparaging comments made about Lieberman at the NYT piece.

Most of the comments are personal attacks made about Lieberman, few have anything to do with issues. This is typical, standard operating procedure for the Insane Liberal Clown Posse - a group of bitter Liberals - who, when they cannot intelligently debate an issue, resort to the most vicious forms of name-calling, character assassination, smear merchanting and anti-Semitism.

I tried my best to insert the [sic], noting that the spelling errors are reproduced as written by some of the mind-numbingly dense LiberTards - but I tired of adding the [sic] after a while, so if I missed some, please know that the comments appear as posted at the NYT piece.

Take a glance at some of the comments, (emphasis mine):

    November 9th,2007
    11:45 am

    There is nothing new in this blog that we have not known about Lieberman.

    He is past tense in the progressives’ mind. We do not admire someone who is more regressive than the regressives.
    — Posted by Leticia P. Carlos

    November 9th,2007
    11:55 am

    Lieberman is pure and simple an agent for the nation of Israel, which is the only country popping champaign [sic] corks at our wallowing in Iraq. Lieberman pushed for the Department of Homeland Security, which is a harbinger for an American Gestapo, as we steadily sacrifice civil liberties on the alter of “terror”. Lieberman is a statist and no defender of true American interests.
    — Posted by roger millere

    November 9th,2007
    12:04 pm

    Joe is a traitor to the party, to the voting American people, and to tomorrow’s children. His personal ambition has far outweighed his fortitude and moral character, and his commitment to what is right.
    — Posted by A. L. Mays

    November 9th,2007

    Joe — the problem with your argument is that it assumes that the Democratic base is insincere.


    In other words, Joe, pipe down on the rhetoric — it’s garbage.
    — Posted by Jonathan K.

    November 9th, 2007
    12:33 pm

    I doubt Lieberman cares about anything more than his only constituents, the people of Israel.


    Lieberman speaks only to his affinity for people who share his religion and his predilection for neofascism. If there are islamofascists, there are also Israelofascists.
    — Posted by PAL

    November 9th, 2007
    12:41 pm

    Lieberman needs to switch to the Republican party or move to Israel. Those seem to be his biggest interests, not what is best for the country. I’m sick of him being a rubber stamp for king george[sic].
    — Posted by Caroline Wood

    November 9th, 2007
    12:50 pm

    Lieberman is a TRAITOR….
    — Posted by Ana

    November 9th, 2007
    12:59 pm

    I think he is a member of the Bush Neocon party, but he’s not one of us. Can’t he just go away?
    — Posted by Paul Wilsbach

    November 9th, 2007
    1:07 pm

    What a jerk! He calls himself an “Independent Democrat” and maybe he likes how that sounds, but he is the one who strayed, not the rest of the party. He is a traitor to his party, and a traitor to the nation by pushing for an even greater entrenchment in a failed foreign policy that weakens us militarily and diplomatically.
    — Posted by Jim Tanner-Uicker

    November 9th, 2007
    1:24 pm

    Maybe Joe should consider whether he’s in the wrong party. Or the wrong country.
    — Posted by tom

    November 9th, 2007
    1:27 pm

    Lieberman is an embarrassment and a disgrace.
    — Posted by scott

    November 9th,2007
    1:28 pm

    I have to ask the question, WHO cares what Lieberman thinks? Lieberman lost connection with reality, years ago - buying into the lies / propaganda that keeps SURGING from the Whitehouse[sic].
    — Posted by Allan Krueger

    November 9th, 2007
    1:29 pm

    Lieberman has some nerve being critical about the anti-war wing of the Democratic Party. He might as well join the GOP for all the good he does as a Democratic caucus participant in the US Senate. Too bad for the State of Connecticut - they don’t get to have two Senators like everyone else - they have one US Sentaor [sic] and one Senator from the State of Israel.

    Lieberman’s judgement is so biased in support of anything the Israeli government instructs him to do that he ought to be required to register as an agent of a foreign government!
    — Posted by Joe Lane

    November 9th, 2007
    1:35 pm

    By his own words Lieberman shall be condemned. He is a worm, and a slave to worms. He is an idolator [sic] of strange gods.

    I pray that he will REPENT/RETURN, and receive the merciful grace of the God of Jacob-Israel, the One God of the Covenant.
    — Posted by DrNova

    November 9th,2007
    1:36 pm

    He is a traitor to his party, he does not serve the needs of his constituents, and he was a terrible choice as a running mate in 2000. He is loyal to Israel above all else. Israel has the US doing grotesque dirty work throughout the middle east and elected officials like Joe Lieberman help make this happen.
    — Posted by N. Matthew

    November 9th, 2007
    1:42 pm

    If anyone who has watched the Star Wars Prequels - isn’t it a bit too obvious that Senator Palpatine (The Emperor - Darth Sidious) looks a lot like Senator Lieberman?
    — Posted by Ned

    November 9th,2007
    1:47 pm

    Mr. Lieberman, like the neocon segment of the Republican party, is more interested in protecting the state of Israel than representing the interests of his state or this country.
    — Posted by Joseph

    November 9th, 2007
    2:02 pm

    Lieberman is a Neo-Conservative and the neo cons have proven that it is NOT an oxymoron to be a liberal and a war monger.
    — Posted by BrettK

There are indeed some supportive comments about Liberman's speech at the NYT article, but they are in the minority.

Did you notice the NYT piece has a posting time of 11:29am? Did you notice that the first comment has a posting time of 11:45am?

It took only a mere 16 minutes for the Mentally-Imbalanced Deranged Lefties to crawl out of the woodwork on their bellies, just like a snake crawls out from behind a rock, to attack Lieberman.

These folks are such Big Tenters, aren't they? They're members of the crowd that claims the Democrat Party is the party that welcomes debate, welcomes differing ideas, welcomes the chance to challenge diverse ideology. Who do they think they're kidding?

The Insane Liberal Clown Posse preaches an endless message of working with our allies on all the issues they think and feel are so vitally important to a better world. Except when that ally is Israel. Then, the Mentally Imbalanced Left shows their true colors of brazen and shameless hatred of Israel.

"Lieberman is an agent of Israel,"?

Connecticut has "one US Sentaor [sic] and one Senator from the State of Israel,"?

Lieberman "...is a worm, and a slave to worms. He is an idolator [sic] of strange gods,"?

Lieberman "is a traitor,"?

This is the mentality from the same wayward, timid and spineless Lefties who support and embrace radical Islam. This is the mentality from cowardly, hide-behind-their-mothers'-skirt Liberals who know that if they were as critical of Islam as they are of Judaism, their heads would be lopped off by militant Isalmists.

This same Liberal crowd is happy to pacify and appease terrorists who commit acts of violence in the name of their religion. They know that by insulting Judaism - and Christianity - that the worst fate they will suffer is being criticized in print or by the spoken word, so they know they can get away with their venomous hatred.

The Far Left Wing is a minority of the Democrat Party. They do not represent traditional, mainstream Democrats - no matter how much they protest otherwise. If the Far Left was representative of the mainstream Democrat, Ned Lamont would have trounced Joe Lieberman in Connecticut's November 2006 General Election - but this was not the case, was it Liberals?

If you disagree, in even the slightest way, with the Far Left, you are branded as a traitor. This is their litmus test - their only litmus test - and Lieberman was spot on with his observation.

This litmus test is proven and substantiated every time people like Joe Lieberman are the object of attacks from those who claim they represent the Big Tent Mainstream Democrat Party.

Way to go, Senator Lieberman, way to go!



The DemocRATic Party. The Party run by crooks for crooks (Trial lawyers and the Friends, Brothers, and Inlaws of the Clintons, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, etc, etc, etc.) to rule over the oppressed (tax payers). George Bush a fascist as DemocRATS claim? Not on your life. He doesn't fit the definition. Hillary a fascist? Absolutely! She is the number 1 fascist. Her agenda (The Third Way) is a true fascist agenda modeled after Hilter's form of socialism...The Nazi Party. Hitler himself refered to the Nazis as the democratic socialists because that's what they were. Now like the good little Nazis they are, DemocRATS can take the claim of the party of anti-semitism as well. They hate Israel and they loathe Jews. They prostrate themselves to Islamofascists. The DemocRATS are nothing more than whores for Bin Laden. The DemocRATS... The party of old slavery and new slavery. Who are the new slaves? You and me and everyone who pays taxes. Hillary is the only politician I know who can openly say she will seize assets and get away with it and make no mistake, Hillary will seize assets. In the end Lieberman didn't leave the DemocRATS. The DemocRATS left Lieberman. Lieberman had no choice. How he could continue to champion the party of pure hate and corruption... The DemocRATS?
You nail another Grand Slam Molson.

I completely agree with you.

The Far Left Wing is trying to hijack the Democrat party. Two of my best friends/associates are Liberals - big Libs. But they do not even approach the hate-filled KoS/MoveOn type of Liberal. They are as much repulsed by the KoS/MoveOn crowd as I am.

They will not admit it, but the 2 friends I note - are more in line with Libertarianism than they are with the Far Left Libs.

Heck, my parents (Dad deceased) were old-style Dems, the Truman or JFK style of Dems. My mom still is. My dad made the move to right of center when Dole ran against Clinton. My dad finally saw the light, God Bless him.

Good stuff that you always add Molson. I always appreciate your input.
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