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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thom Hartmann Lies To His Listeners

Thom Hartmann, Idiot Emeritus of Liberal Talk Radio

Liberal Talk Radio's Thom Hartmann reached new depths on Wednesday talking about the fires in Southern California.

He blamed the fires on, among other things, all the usual targets; Bush and Cheney for deploying members of the California National Guard to Iraq, he blamed Big Oil and Big Coal companies who - in Hartmann's mind - are responsible for everything from the Lindbergh baby kidnapping to the the disappearance of Emilia Earhart; and he blamed "the government" for not allocating enough resources to fight the fires. Well, we all know that for Liberals like Hartmannnnnnnnnnnnn there can never be "enough" of anything provided by the Nanny State.

The only people he didn't blame were the Religious Right, but I'm sure he'll add them to his list in tomorrow's program.

Hartmann likes to pretend he's so smart, but he's really not. He failed to articulate the actual causes of the fire.

One, the fires happen annually, in virtually the same geographic areas that they happened the previous year. And the year prior to that and the year prior to that and the year prior to that. This is called a fire zone, no different than areas designated as flood zones.

Two, he didn't mention (big surprise! - not) that some fires were caused by downed power lines.

Three, he didn't mention the acres of dry tinder wood that acts as kindling for a raging inferno. Enviro-lunatics have lobbied against all efforts to cull this wood and won their battles in court against controlled burns for several years.

Four, he didn't mention The Santa Ana winds carrying burning embers for miles.

No, Thommmmmmmmmmmm Hartmannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn simply ignored facts and reality - just as all good little Liberal Eichmanns do - and instead chose to politicize the fires, just like he politicized hurricane Katrina.

Hartmannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn does a huge disservice to those that listen him - no matter how tiny his audience may be - by fueling them up with falsehoods and lies. But then, this is all uber-Lefties like Hartmannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn know how to do, it's their job to spread disinformation and lies to their audience.

Hartman is approaching the highest rung on the Liar Ladder that is currently occupied by Ratty Rhodes. Keep climbing that ladder Thom, soon you may unseat Ratty as the Lyingest Liar on Liberal Talk Radio.



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