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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ralph Nader: Run, Ralph, Run!

I sure hope Ralph Nader runs as a candidate in the 2008 Presidential election. His candidacy can only have a negative impact on the Dems.

Nader says... VOA:

    In 1996 and 2000, Nader ran as a presidential candidate for the Green Party, shunning the policies of both the Democratic and Republican Parties. He announced his bid for the White House again in 2004 as an independent.

    "Presidential politics has been broken for a long time. The two parties have been broken. They need a wake-up call. They need somebody to hold their feet to the fire," he says.

    President George W. Bush won re-election in 2004. Many Democrats dubbed Nader a spoiler for his refusal, once again, to get out of the race. "How can you spoil a spoiled political system, to begin with, and second: if we all have an equal right to run for political office, then none of us are spoilers or all of us are spoilers of one another."

    Nader says today that presidential hopefuls must raise hundreds of millions of dollars to be competitive. "And where do you think they are going to get that money? They are not going to get that money from the people who harvest our food or the people that clean up after us or the people who do the everyday work in the country. They are going to get it from the millionaires, the mega-millionaires, the billionaires and the corporations.

    Nader -- now 73 -- says he has not made up his mind whether to make another run for the White House. But one thing seems certain -- as a self-proclaimed public citizen, he will continue to let the American people know where he stands.

Didn't it used to be the Left that said the more candidates running for office the better? I guess that only counts if there's a candidate who will siphon off votes from a Republican.

Look - idiots, I mean, Democrats - your precious boy, Albert Gore, Junior - the huge carbon footprinter - could have easily won in 2000 if only he had ridden Bubba's coattails. But no, Mister Internet Inventor was only too anxious to prove that he was his "own man." And he lost.

Despite recount after recount, despite Gore's best attempts at trying exclude counting absentee Military votes (how's that again, you Dems support the Military, just not the mission. And you don't want to count their votes?), the hanging, pregnant and puckered chads - he lost. Lost, Lost, Lost!

You Dems know Gore could have ridden to four, if not eight, years in the White House if only Al had hopped onto Clinton's coattails. But he didn't - and you're still a bunch of WATB over that.

Newsflash for the Dems: Gore's not going to enter the 2008 race, but keep telling yourselves that he will. Doing so keeps consistent your lifelong mantra of lying to yourselves and others.

Run, Ralph, Run!



Run Al run! Runaway to Canada or France or Venezuela. Yeah go there and tell Hugo what he should drive.
Finally I'm getting around to responding to comments. Been kinda hectic.

I really hope Nader runs - he should - he'll siphon off votes from the Dem Candidate - and that's always a good thing!
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