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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm Tired Of Paying For Your Children

I'm tired of paying for your children. They're your children, not mine, and I think those of you who are parents should pay for your own children and stop looking at me and others to subsidize you. If you're finding economic difficultly in paying for your own children, then perhaps you need to cut back on your spending or get a second job. Maybe even a third job. I'm tired of paying for your children; you had them, you pay for them.

While much of what I publish here is frequently intended as tongue-in-cheek and caustic sarcasm, I assure you, this particular post does not contain any of that. I mean this as seriously and as sincerely as possible; again, I'm tired of paying for your children.

Instead of getting tax breaks or tax benefits for reproducing, people with children should have to pay more in taxes than those of us who are single, divorced or don't have children. Having children causes those who have them to use more natural resources than those of us without children, therefore, parents and families should be paying more into the coffers. Parents with children consume more than do single people, divorced couples without children and married couples without children. People with children deplete more raw materials and natural resources than those of us who don't have children. People with children should be assessed a "child tax" and pay more - much more - into the city, county, state and federal government.

Parents with children use more water, consume more food, more fuel, more paper products; dispose of more garbage; take up more time with doctors, dentists, teachers, schools.

I'm tired of paying more for you child's education through rising property taxes. If you decided to procreate - and I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that mentality - then you should be willing to accept all associated costs and expense that accompany your decision. If the school your child attends can't afford books for every student, then the parents should be billed the appropriate costs and pay for it in full.

If you child wants to play sports and the cost of equipment is such that the school can't pay for it, then it's only fair that the parents pay the additional associated costs related to the activity. It's not - it shouldn't be - up to me to help fun your child's extra-curricular activities no matter if it is sports, dance, the speech or debate club.

The argument that, "everybody benefits from an educated society," is accurately answered with a "maybe".

I'm tired of paying for the health care of your child. If you can't afford to keep your own child healthy, perhaps you should turn your child over to an adoption agency and let someone adopt your child, someone who can afford to provide and pay for your child to receive regular medical and dental treatment. If you really care about and love your child, and you cannot afford to provide health care, you would do what's best for your child and turn them over to an adoption agency instead of insisting that I finance their medical well-being.

I'm not cold-hearted, I'm not a mean guy, I'm not anti-child. I already contribute - voluntarily and involuntarily - more than my fair share for your children. I'm tired of being treated as an endless source and supply of money to fund your children.

Did it ever occur to so very many of you who look to others to pay for your children, that if you paid less in taxes and kept more of what you earned, you could afford the things you want others to subsidize? The government is not your Nanny, our society is not meant to live our lives from cradle to grave dependent on the government. It's time we stop acting this way and stop voting for politicians who advocate this type of approach for all of life's problems.


Did you take your "retarded" pills this morning? Who do you think is going to pay for your SS benefits? Who's going to make the next breakthrough in science and technology? Who's going to change your diaper some day? Quit your bitching, we are a somewhat civilized society and part of that means educating our young. You know I'm not going to argue that there is not enough spent on education, so don't go there. Next time I see you, I going to kick your ass. No, I think I'll let my kids kick your ass.
You know, you comment here on my blog making nothing more than personal, ad-hominem attacks.

I could make a estimate of your combined familiy income and get pretty close. You're not hurting at all. Yet - you will take advantage of any "free" program you can for "your children" when you can afford the out-of-pocket expenses.

Your mindset, especially considering that you are not even a figgin citizen of the US is pathetic.

You want to have kids, fine, you pay for 'em buddy. You're comment is typical of a "gimme, gimme, gimme" mentality.

You're the last one I expected to comment as you did.

How much more of natural and limited resources are you using - and you don't think you should pay extra for them?

Christ, I thought I knew you. Are you high? Pass the bong my way - it must be good stuff you're tokin' on.

I'm tired of paying for your kids - or did that fact not sink in?
"Instead of getting tax breaks or tax benefits for reproducing, people with children should have to pay more in taxes than those of us who are single, divorced or don't have children."

actually i totally agree but with more emphasis on a different aspect:

there are too many mouths to feed now. we cannot keep humans in tvs an ipods at this rate forever, plus these critters are chewing up my copper and manganese to name a few things.

i might add, that it is not just money that concerns me, it's the defective humans most of the absentee parents raise. should be a frikkin parenting test to allow your balls to get connected back up. that's right, spay and neuter humans.

unlike you, i will help pay for the education and health care of these monsters because one) it is humane and two) maybe the critters become productive and contribute to socialism by paying my social security instead of breaking into my house and stealing my rare herb collection.
I disagree there are too many mouths to feed. Where is this? There's plenty of food. The US feeds the world, Rev. The political machinations of certain countries doesn't allow that food to make it to who needs it most, but that's a political problem, not one of too many mouths.

You fail to acknowledge that parents could afford to pay for health care, education, etc - if they kept more of the money they earn rather than the politicians taking it from us and redistributing wealth.
But DD it's for the children. What will the poor children do? Isn't it 'good' government to steal as much as possible for the children... and the FBI (Friends, Brothers, and Inlaws). Sob. Sob. Sob.
Molson, yeah, what am thinking. I should give up everything to benefit the little fucktards. Oops, my bad, I meant, the children. The precious little children who, if I live long enough, will spit on all of asking us "why didn't you do more for us."

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