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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Lady Vorzheva at Spanish Pundit has a Must Read piece on Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week
- - - - -
Dane Bramage covers Shoot Up And Drop Out In San Francisco
- - - - -
Check out Miss O'Hara's great Neon sign and a post covering everything from Stalin's engineerings in Russia to Pakistani PM Benazir Bhutto and TSA screeners missed 75% of the fake bombs planted in a security test and Pete Stark's insane comments.
- - - - -
Butch Dissects Tom Tomorrow's "This Modern World". Nice take-down, Butch.
- - - - -
Freedom looks at Israel's land swap with the Palestinian Authority and how land for peace has never worked out.
- - - - -
I found This addicting game that feeds people and increases your vocabulary at Clint Heine's blog. The game is so addicting and so is Clint's blog.
- - - - -
GroovyVic Says, "No!". Way to go, Groovy!
- - - - -
AGJ tells us why he supports Rudy.
- - - - -
Bet you didn't know that Hillary has battle ribbons and is a decorated campaign hero, did 'ya? Nuke has the story.
- - - - -
Hooah Wife celebrated a Three Year Blogoversary recently. Wish her well!
- - - - -
Yes, I remember
Pigs In Space. So does Robot Guy
- - - - -
Cranky recently had to say good-bye to a cutie. This is always so hard, it's never easy - is it? The Rainbow Bridge is a good item to bookmark for anyone dealing with the loss of a pet.

Thanks for the link, David. It's most appreciated, as ever. :D
You are most welcome LV.
Thanks for the linkage David...
thanks for the nod, DD.
Hi Butch, you are quite welcome. Good take-down on TT. Perhaps you can make it a regular series. I'd love to see someone taking him down on a regular basis!
Hey Nukester! No problem, you are quite welcome! That was such a funny graphic on HRC and her medals and ribbons!
Thanks Dave.
You're most welcome, Cranky.
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