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Monday, October 01, 2007


The interior of the Clinton's Chappaqua home, courtesy of Bug. Boy, those Clintons sure know how to live!
- - - - -
Spanish Pundit is doing a wonderful job in covering the atrocities of what's going on in Myanmar.
- - - - -
GroovyVic found a story about Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible in finding out just who broke wind.
- - - - -
Molson posts his latest pictures of Hiking Colorado's mountainous areas. Click on the images for full scale and enlarged pictures. Nice work, Molson - you know what you're doing with a camera.
- - - - -
Speaking of images, Way cool Retro Neon Lights from Miss O'Hara.
- - - - -
Blogonomicon has a Bible verse for us from Hillary Satan...er, I mean Clinton. No, wait - I was right the first time.
- - - - -
Did you hear about the
Saudi man who divorced his wife because she watched a television program alone?
- - - - -
BobG reminds us why Sunday, September 30 is a day to remember: Appeasement never works.

I too, hate Tom Cruise Mapother...
Thanks DD, for the link and the praise. It's a disgrace what's going on there... :(
About the Saudi divorced: well, considering the tenets of wahabbism, that's something "normal". From our point of view, this means that just for being alone watching a person of the opposite sex on TV, you're just satisfying yourself sexually or something similar -that's why they don't let a woman alone with a man, who is not a relative..-. For example:
"A SAUDI woman who was kidnapped at knife point, gang-raped and then beaten by her brother was sentenced to 90 lashes - for a meeting a man who was not a relative, a newspaper reported".
That man who was not her relative was the one who has saved her from the gang. He himself was also condemned to 90 lashes.
After seeing that, I am not the least surprised by the Saudi wahabbist divorced from the woman who was watching alone a man on TV!
Butch - Cruise is on a Mission to find out who farted. WTF ?!!?? The guy has lost his mind.

Thanks for visiting, as always.
LV - i saw the 90 lashing story, yes. You are doing a great job of covering what is going on in Myanmar. They are being repressed by a military regime.

The Mainstream Media here is not reporting on it as much as they should or as much as the story really requires. Thankfully we have the web and sites like yours.

Thank you for commenting. Stay in touch, my friend.
What if the alleged fart was a queef instead? Would Tom's ultra sensitive nose be able to detect the difference? It is also possible that Tom perceived the fart as a pass at his boyfriend by some unknown perp and now is feigning insult to cover his jealous rage. Rest assured that Tom will never rest until the real farter or queefer is revealed. Que the theme to M.I.
Molon - a queef.omg...I have no reply.
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