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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11, 2001

There will be many tributes and memorials across the Web for September 11, 2001.

I have chosen to simply run two videos whose images - I think - speak louder than words.

The first is one that no Democrat dares to watch. I ran it a few months ago and it deserves to be run again.

The second is footage of the WTC attacks. We must never forget this day, and we won't. No matter how much the Liberals try to focus our attention elsewhere with their lies and denials.

God Bless the United States Men and Women in The Military, who have Bravely served our country in the past, those who serve today and those that will serve tomorrow.

H/T: Bug, who found these videos and posted them at her site long before I would have found them.

Linking Here:
Aditu's Conversations

Magnificent videos, DD. The first is very emotional, but I feel that the second is not to be forgotten. Seeing those images, makes everyone remember what we were doing in that moment and how we felt as we knew what had happened. Sadness, impotence, rage, fear,...
And also how things have evolved since then.
Thanks for posting them.
(And, though it's much less important, thanks for changing the name :D)
They are very emotional. Also very well made - especially the first one, no disrespect to the video editing of the second one.

I am glad I ran across them at Bug's Blog. Me running across them would have been for naught had it not been for her.

No prob with the name change. You are very welcome.
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