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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Proof Of Evolution:
Democrats Descended From Apes

Irrefutable proof that Democrats and Liberals descended from Apes:

Apes Blamed For Crime Spree, Sky News:

    The chacma baboons, which live wild in the Cape peninsula, have been raiding people's homes for food and causing thousands of pounds in damage.


    "They get into the kitchens, they know where the fridge is, they open it and take everything, and then they defecate everywhere."

Why, that's just what Democrats do; they raid the fridge, take everything and leave piles of shit all over for others to deal with.

Maybe the baboons aren't to blame. Perhaps they learned this behavior from observing the Dems and Libs.

Spot on DD. Spot on. In one short post, you have summed up the Lems modus operandi. Bravo.
Thanks Molson. The "Lems" (heh) sure do manage to make a mess of things, shit all over, and leave it to others to clean up. How can people not see this?
People see what they think they want to see. The Lems tell them what they need to see and they believe it. The problem for the Lems going forward is that they have gone so far over the edge even the most ignorant of people are becoming skeptical. The Lems will continue to control Congress, but a Rhino will end up in the White House or the Winter Palace as Kramer refers to it. That is the best possible scenario although I agree with you that the 'Nazi Whore' will end up in the Winter Palace and we're all screwed.

Unrelated. I did post some new photos of the trip. Sorry if they are a little weak. I humbly accept any criticism for being so lame.
I agree.

I will check out your photos in a bit, thanks for letting us know! I'm sure they are just fine. I am the last person to criticize somone's photography.
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