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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Non-Lunatic Liberals Must Unite

I hope Republicans and their supporters recognize how well organized the Democrat Pacifist and Defeatist Movement is. These people stick together like hardened glue, preparing and planning systematic strategies to counter their opposition.

Someday, maybe Republican politicians will wake up to the fact that they cannot "go along to get along" or befriend uber-Liberal politicians. Sure, they may bump into each other at D.C. cocktail parties and socialize about sports or a favorite movie. But when it comes to politics, will Republicans ever learn that they cannot trust Liberals? Will Republicans ever learn that they cannot compromise with Liberals? Will Republicans ever learn that if you give Liberals an inch they will take miles?

Liberals play politics to win and to advance their atrocious policies. Republicans have got to stop "being nice" to them. Republicans have got to start playing to win the game instead of compromising and reaching across the aisle to the Democrats. Somehow this has to be drilled into the heads of Republicans. Until it is, the Democrats will continue to run roughshod over the Republicans and everyone else.

The Democrat Defeatist Machine is well-oiled, with Liberal Radio Talkers hyping piles of lies upon other lies, encouraging their listeners to phone and e-mail Republican politicians to support the Democrat strategy of Cutting and Running; of abandoning our Troops.

If you agree that the platform that Democrats are attempting to advance, one of U.S. Military defeatism and pacifism, then you need to make your voice heard by calling and e-mailing your Democrat representatives and telling them that they need to support General David Petraeus' plan in Iraq.

It doesn't matter if you are a Republican, an Independent or a Moderate Democrat - one that disagrees with the elected Democrat politicians who do the dirty work and who follow marching orders from the likes of MoveOn, KoS, Media Matters and other Far Left groups of America Haters. You need to contact the Democrats and tell them we cannot afford to lose the War in Iraq.

It takes no more than one phone call and one e-mail per day spaced out over a week or so. Spend five minutes a day contacting the elected Democrats and the wishy-washy Republicans who are siding on the wrong side of this issue.

Contact John Warner - tell him we cannot afford to Cut and Run from Iraq. Contact Cluck Schumer, Harry Reid, Nanny Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Chris Dodd, John Murtha, Amy Klobuchar, Chuck Hagel, Hillary Clinton, Dick Durbin, Barack Hussein Obama, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Russ Feingold, Henry Waxman, Carl Levin, JimBob BobbyJim Webb, Byron "Hair Helmet" Dorgan, Tim Walz and tell them we cannot afford to Cut and Run.

By clicking on each of the politicians' names above, a new browser window will open bringing you to their CONTACT page. On that home page you will find a telephone number and/or an e-mail address to contact them. Contact them...contact them!

Keep the phone call and e-mail polite, respectful and brief, but express your dissatisfaction with the way the above individuals are orchestrating the Defeat of our Military.

You can find your specific U.S. Senator and how to contact him or her HERE, at the U.S. Senate, Senators Home site.

You can find your specific member of the U.S. House of Representatives and how to contact him or her HERE, at the U.S. House of Representatives Home site.

Both sites make it easy and simple to find your specific legislator. Contact them by telephone and/or E-mail.

You do not have to contact them all in one sitting. Contact one per day, going through the names until you complete the list. Then contact your the Congressman and Senator who represent you, if their name is not part of the above names. I cannot contact them for you. You have to do it, you have to - you must. I have contacted them as well as my representatives.

Make no mistake about it, the Democrats are Monday Morning Quarterbacking and trying to manipulate the War in Iraq and the War on Terrorism in general, for their own political gain and purposes. The Democrats are not doing what they are doing for the good of the country, for your own personal good or for the good of our Allies. Their modus operandi is for failure and defeat for - again - no other purpose than for their own political gain, for their own advancement and for their own political power base.

Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, Moderate Democrats and others who disagree with the Far Left Fringe had better begin cohesive and organized effort to stop the advancement of ideology preached by the Defeatists and Pacifists. We HAVE to do this for our own safety, for our Allies, for freedom and yes, for "The Children".

Go back to the paragraph above of the hypertext political names. Contact them. Contact them. Contact them. Just do it. Do it now. Contact one legislator per day - that's all it takes. Contact them. Do it.

On a final note, there's no point contacting Dennis The Elf Kucinich, it is unnecessary and a waste of your time. He is beholden to the George Soros Schwartz Far Left Insane Liberal Asylum. He is beyond hope, is bereft of sanity, common sense, lucidity and reason; so at least I saved you one phone call and one e-mail.


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the only place you can find them is in the streets, they do not appear on tv/ it takes a lunatic to go on tv.
The images of you in drag? Is that what you're writing about? Oh...that's just a shame. Guess I'll have to hit the streets.
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