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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Larry Craig To Resign

The embattled Republican U.S. Senator Larry Craig, from Idaho, has announced his resignation.

Chalk up another loss to the Republican Party courtesy of both the Democrat Smear Machine and the Republicans who prefer to abandon a fellow colleague rather than fighting. Republicans once again demonstrate their "higher degree of moral values" by tucking their tail between their legs and capitulating to the double standards and hypocritical Democrats.

Republicans have no concept of being a street-fighter like the Democrats. They - the Republicans - abandon and bail on a colleague like rats jumping off a sinking ship. Ultimately, at some point, the Republicans will have no one to blame but themselves should they become an even smaller majority in Congress come the 2008 election.

I so look forward to the Republican Party calling me next year asking me for a donation. I will respond to them just as I responded to them in 2006 - "you have got to be kidding me." This is why I will not support the re-election of Senator Norm Coleman - RINO/Minnesota. This is why I proudly have - instead of voting for a candidate with an "R" behind their name - thrown away so many of my votes on Third Party Candidates.

I don't have much respect for anyone or any group than abandons their colleague. Especially on something as nebulous and vague as a charge of "disorderly conduct."

Ann Woolner writes a column for Bloomberg News that puts the Craig incident into perspective. It should be required reading for all Republicans and RINOs.


    To get arrested in a bathroom, you generally have to do something sort of sexual. Expose yourself. Grab somebody. In Craig's case, no one claims he bared a private part, groped the cop, had public sex. Or any sex.


    But that's a thin charge and hard to prove. Karsnia [the arresting officer] was obviously waiting for something more.

    He got it once Craig sat down in the stall next to his and tapped his foot, a signal widely known among gay men as a sexual invitation. The senator then ran a hand, palm up, under the stall wall separating them, according to Karsnia's report. Finally, Craig edged his foot into the next stall, touching the officer's foot.

    That's when Karsnia flashed his badge, and Craig uttered his first word, which was ``No.''

    Craig defends his conduct as perfectly innocent and completely misunderstood. I'm not buying it. I also don't get why what he did is a crime.

    I understand that public bathrooms shouldn't become sex parlors, and that police must patrol them to protect children, especially, from happening onto sexual acts. But, again, Craig wasn't having sex.


    The worst that can be said of Craig's conduct is that it was ``offensive'' and would tend to ``disturb others.'' Think for a moment how much everyday conduct that covers, conduct no one would dream of criminalizing.

Senator Craig's biggest error was that he pled guilty to disorderly conduct. To repeat what I have written before, I am unconvinced this is a reason to resign, but this is all water under the bridge now.



1. If he is guilty and pled guilty, then he should have resigned because breaking the law is not a good example for others to follow.

2. If he is NOT guilty and still pled guilty, then he may or may not have resigned. It's hard to continue when others think you're guilty. You spend all your time trying to defend yourself and then no one looks at the good you have done... he did good for Idaho.

So it's hard to say... in the end, FOR HIM, perhaps resigning was best so he could salvage his marriage and fight any legal battles against the aligations.

For the state and for the nation... I don't think resigning was necessarily the best thing because he was a good Senator... we just don't know if he was a good person.

But look at Bill "sex with anything" Clinton... you don't have to be a good person for people to like you. Hell... every gay man in the nation should be standing up for Craig right now; stains on a dress... stains on another man's pants... what's the difference? :o)
I like your take on it Bug, especially your point #2 and the sentences after that: "So it's hard to say... in the end, FOR HIM, perhaps resigning was best so he could salvage his marriage and fight any legal battles against the aligations."

I'm glad it's over and now the Republicans can continue on with apologizing and perhaps resigning for other things they are not guilty of doing. If they keep going down this road, pretty soon we won't have to worry about them for they will all have stepped down from office rather than fighting.
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