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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Halliburton Greeted By
U of Madison Protesters

Demonstrators protested Halliburton recruiters in Madison, Wisconsin on Thursday. AP:

    About 200 demonstrators sang and heard speeches Thursday at a protest against Halliburton Co. recruiters at the University of Wisconsin [at Madison] before departing peacefully — unlike a bloody event 40 years ago to which some compared it.

    The Campus Antiwar Network has accused Halliburton, whose former subsidiary had large contracts to aid the U.S. military in Iraq, of profiting from war and other unethical practices.


    The group rallied at noon on a hill at the heart of campus, then marched to the Engineering Centers Building, where the career fair was held. Activists tried to discourage students from meeting with the oil services company.


    The protesters sat in front of the Halliburton booth, virtually blocking access to the four recruiters. University officials worked to clear a path so those attending the fair could walk by and even meet with company representatives — if they could withstand heckling.

    "How can you justify this?" David Hammond, a 37-year-old freelance writer who joined the protest, asked a Halliburton recruiter. "On a personal level, how do you live with yourself?" The recruiter did not respond.

    Josh Kossel, 22, a senior studying mechanical engineering, passed the crowd to meet with Halliburton recruiters and said he would have no problem working for the company.

    "I don't let this crap affect me," he said. "I think protesting in general is pretty stupid."


    Nearly 300 companies are taking part in the three-day fair, university officials said. Halliburton was there only Thursday, and further protests are not planned.

    Houston-based Halliburton is looking for entry-level employees as part of its plan to add 13,000 workers this year. Halliburton recruiters on campus declined to comment and referred questions to the company's spokeswoman.

    Spokeswoman Melissa Norcross has called its critics uninformed since Halliburton and its former subsidiary, KBR, separated earlier this year. KBR has won billions of dollars in contracts from the U.S. government to help the military in war zones.

I bet that's where all of Minnesota's pot crop went...to Madison; damn it.

as I keep working on that Critical Masshole peice, it just keeps getting bigger, and little bits like this one keep adding material to consider. The 'protest' clique...the ways and means. Sure, I got plenty of catchy one liners about the protesters of most issues, from the angle that I think that the act is essential in a participatory society, but... 'protest' today seems to be more like a love affair with the idea of 1968 than serving any real purpose. More like an act of entertainment for the participants.
I agree with you Shawn, we are on the same page here. Plus those suckers took all the good ganj! Bastids!

Just drop a comment or email when you publish the post on Critical Mass, and I will gladly link to it, and I'm anxious to read it, too.

Thanks for commenting and visitng, as always.
it's just taking a while, I'm treating it with more seriousness than I do most of my scrawlings of whim and inebriation. And aren't they growing some good shit over in ND that you could get your clutches on?
No problem, just lemme know when it's published.

I don't WTF the deal is on the ganj in this state. I still can't believe after all this time it's not legal, regulated and taxed just like booze. So much BS for a drug that is far less toxic and harmful that liquor. If I were king...... heh.
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