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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards Responds To MoveOn
BetrayUs Ad

From Politico:

    Not sure it's really meant that way, but in any case, Elizabeth Edwards makes hers the first campaign to directly criticize MoveOn.org's "General Betray Us" ad, breaking with the Democrats' strategy of, basically, ignoring it.

    “Someone who’s spent their life in the military doesn’t deserve ‘General Betray Us,’” said Edwards, wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards.

From The Des Moine Register (which may require you to subscribe - for free - before allowing you to read the story):

    Elizabeth Edwards spoke in an interview after a Des Moines campaign appearance. She noted that her father was a career naval officer, and she grew up on Navy bases, so she said she respects military service.

    MoveOn.org is a liberal, national group that supports many of the stances that John Edwards has taken in his campaign, including criticism of the Iraq war. The group ran a full-page ad in the New York Times this week, taking a shot at Petraeus, who is the top military leader in Iraq. The ad ran on the day the general was to testify to Congress about progress he sees in Iraq. Its headline sparked angry protest from Republicans, who said it smeared an honorable man.

    Elizabeth Edwards said the group could have made its point by simply using Petraeus’ own previous words about purported good news in Iraq without insulting him personally.

    She said she generally supports grass-roots organizations like MoveOn.org for giving average people a voice. “But I’m probably not going to agree with everything that any one group says.”

U.S. Senator Tom Harkin, Democrat - Iowa, also denounced the MoveOn "Betrayus" Ad (from The Des Moine Register, free registration to read...yadda yadda):

    Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin [on September 13] criticized a left-leaning advocacy group for an advertisement it ran criticizing U.S. Gen. David Petraeus before he testified before Congress this week.

    "It was a bad choice of words," the Democrat said in a telephone interview. "I would have said, 'Petraeus, mistaken again.' But 'Betray Us?' That's going too far."

    Harkin was referring to MoveOn.org's full-page advertisement in Monday's New York Times, which featured a photograph of the U.S. commander in Iraq above the words, "General Petraeus or General Betray Us?"

    But Harkin stopped short of advising the Democratic candidates for president, many of whom are his Senate colleagues, to take his tone in condemning the liberal group's ads.

    "I didn't like it. Certainly, General Petraeus is a patriot and a good American," Harkin said. "I just think he's wrong."

Well, good for Harkin. He'll probably be in the MoveOn crosshairs, much like Joe Lieberman, should he seek re-election.

And good for Mrs. Edwards. Obviously she's got more "stones" than her husband, The Sissy.


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I think the...strangest(?)...no not strange...the offensive thing, about all this is that the ad was placed and the accusation made and the rhetoric geared up before any speech or presentation was given...no matter the content, the presentation was declared a 'betrayal' Pretty much sums up the approach and tack of the neo-hippie mind, 'don't know/care about substance - if it's in uniform I'm a-ginn it' Just gives me a roaring headache...
Hi Shawn. (geez, I hope I'm spelling Shawn correctly, I think I am - let me know if I'm not).

I agree with you. The Dems and Libs, both politicians and voters, had already made up their minds that whatever General Petraeus said, they were not going to believe it or listen to it.

How can anyone intelligently debate with someone that has that mindset? You can't, they've already made up their minds. These are the politicians and peole who are just brimming with Bush Derangement Syndrome.

I think you've spent enough time here reading what I write to know that I do not automatically support whatever the Repub party says. There's plenty of issues where I disagree with the Repub platform and the party. But I don't turn a deaf ear to the Democrats. I listen to what they have to say before I declare it bullshit - okay - that's a joke.

When was the last time any Dem politician or candidate said they agreed with Bush? Well, Joe Lieberman comes to mind. His voting record is incredibly liberal, more liberal than Harry Reid. But Reid gets a pass because he's against the war and Lieberman was for it. For this one issue, the Lunatic Left Wing did all they could to unseat Lieberman.

The Far Left MoveOn crowd's thinking and tactics is beyond redemption.

Sorry to write so much. Thanks for visiting and commenting. btw - the stuff you build looks awesome and time-consuming; wow, you have the patience of Job.
Thanks man, and yah - I dig the way you approach the topics at hand. As you know, and have been reading I try not to get as all focused on this Big Bicker Theater (of conflict) as you do here, and enjoy the hell out of the subject matter and the tack that you take on many of the issues. The funny thing is that I do actually identify myself as Republican, and as well have alot of problems with what/whom are being identified as the 'base'. And it's not the 'moneyed' that I have a problem with. The fringe right agitates the hell out of me as much as the fringe left, no wait, the fringe left REALLY gets under my skin. So much so that I plan on going into a lengthy and thourough pick apart of the motives behind the Critical Mass asshats and their ilk over at my place, I think you'll dig it. Oh, and as far as Gisher goes, we all know that he's a solid cat, though I've never met the guy, still really dig the hell out of his words and already figured you did too, seemed like his ego was shrinking the last couple of months so I thought I'd give em' a little inflation - he's funnier when he's all big headded and manic-ey, eh? Enjoying the conversation, good to have 'met' you.
Lemme know when you publish the Critical Mass piece & I'll link to it.

I agree with the Far Right and Far Left both being at their parties' extremes - and I would not care to live under either one's policies if they had their way.

The Gishter is a fine guy, I agree. He and I have had our differences on some political issues and exchanged lengthy comments, but it never ever ever gets insulting or nasty. I can argue my point with facts and so can he.

It's the name calling and smear-merchanting that, when used by the Left -- well, it doesn't get under my skin - I just fight that kind of shit using their same tactics. Some may call that "stepping down" to their level and there may be some truth to that. I prefer to think of it as fighting fire with fire.

Pop in a comment when you run the Critical Mass post. Stay well, keep in touch.
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