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Sunday, September 23, 2007


The gorgeous Lady Vorzheva has relocated Spanish Pundit to a new URL, so stop by her new digs.
- - - - -
The U.S. - Mexico border Virtual Fence is a Virtual Failure. BobG at Sweet Spirits of Ammonia
- - - - -
The Democratic voter base isn't the solution to their problem, it is their problem. Mythusmage Opines
- - - - -
Dirty Sam Flint...What's your pirate name? Blogonomicon
- - - - -
When Hillary Becomes President. Butch at 123beta
- - - - -
How To Be a Good Wife. GuyK
- - - - -
Denny says Rudy Is Not Right Candidate for Republicans and Conservatives.
- - - - -
Morgan Freeburg examines the Liberal retort of "Why aren't you there?" There, being Iraq.
- - - - -
Is Apple a Monopolist? Travis examines.
- - - - -
Do you know The Llama Song? Ogre
- - - - -
What if it had been someone questioning George Bush that was tasered instead of John Kerry? Clint Heine
- - - - -
A Bill Clinton voodoo doll? AGJ
- - - - -
Ted Kennedy may write a book?! I wonder what topics it will be about? Don Long


Thanks for the mention...
Thanks for the publicity (and the compliment), DD. ;)
I wait for your comments there as ever!
You are quite welcome Butch.
LV - you are also quite welcome.

I'm such an infrequent commenter across the blogosphere. I'm working on getting better at it!
Thanks for the link. If we could only get people to take a good hard look at their more ardent supporters. Those who scream the loudest about your virtues are not, necessarily, you most faithful friends.
You are welcome, Mythusmage. It is a well-written piece and you nailed the behavior of the screamers so aptly!

Take care and stay in touch.
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