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Friday, September 21, 2007

Market Crash Didn't Happen

So who's out the big money? Does anyone know?


in fairness, the fed dropping it's pants may have saved a major slide. don't these friggin idiots know the tumble comes after the election not before? no decent politico would let things tank before the daggum elections.

btw, you been messing (stacking) with my polls man. shame shame. don't you know fox uses my results?
It wasn't you who shorted the market, was it? You're the only guy I know who can afford to lose Billions shorting the market. Well, you, Gates and Buffet.

Re: your polls - when I do vote, I only vote once and I select the response that mostly matches my beliefs. If there's not one that mostly matches my beliefs, I don't vote.

I kinda thought it was you providing FOX with their poll results. Now I know...now I know.
OK so who thinks this is just Urban Myth?
Boy Arc, you bring up the $64 Million dollar question. I dunno....the stories linked to in the first post I did about this -via the Label - sure seem legit.

I will have to check to see if there's anything on Snopes.com, the Urban Legends Debunking site. If you hear or read of anything let us know.

Thanks for bringing up a very valid question.
I think it might be worse than urban myth. I wonder if this was like the Y2K b.s. just before the new millennium.
I wonder if this was an attempt at scaring people who aren't afraid enough.
you may be right. i have not run across anything that the mystery investor has been identified.
Have you read "State of Fear" by Michael Crichton? I recently did and it cast this in a whole new light.
I have not, Arc. I hear it's a fantastic book, though.
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