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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Larry Craig Next To Be Dragged
Through The Mud By Democrats

Here come the Rabid Lefties, piling their hate on Republican U.S. Senator Larry Craig from Idaho. Allegations say he solicited sex from an undercover police officer in a bathroom stall at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Senator Craig is married and has three children. If he was cheating on his wife with another woman or with another man, isn't this his personal private life of which we have no business concerning ourselves with? Why, that's what the Libs told us about Bubba and Monica. Besides, continuing the Liberal ideology of a sexual "anything goes" attitude, I would imagine that sex in a public bathroom is not only approved and condoned by the Left, but that sex in a public bathroom between adults - according to Liberal mantra - is a wholesome, healthy, decent, proper and beautiful thing; one worthy of marriage!
I'm sure if the Left could, they'd have chapels present in public bathrooms so that marriages could be performed. Maybe the Left can arrange for two men having sex in a bathroom stall to adopt children on the spot.

How often have we heard the Left tell us that the sexual lives and proclivities are someone's
"private life"? This stalwart and principled ideology of the Left is completely ignored and the issue exploited for only political purposes when the accused individual isn't a Card Carrying Member of The Insane Liberal Clown Posse.

Pay close attention to how the Left hypes the Larry Craig story and compare and contrast it to former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey. Protein Queen McGreevey - married with young children - you will recall cheated on his wife by having sex with men at truck stops and gay book stores. My my, such wholesome ideals the Left has for relationships. Who knows, McGreevey probably got his groove on with men in bathroom stalls as well, we just don't yet have proof of it (see, I'm thinking just like a Liberal).

And don't forget the Protein Queen appointed his then-boyfriend to be the head (heh - "head") of New Jersey's Homeland Security. The problem here is the boyfriend lacked any and all qualifications for that position (heh - "position").

The Left is the party obsessed and fixated with the sex lives of other people, especially when those other people aren't Card Carrying Members of The Insane Liberal Clown Posse.

Once again, Hypocrisy Thy Name Is Liberal.


Only Liberals Are Allowed To Be Gay

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Uuuugh... it doesn't matter what state I live in...
Hypocrisy is definately the Liberal's middle name... there should be equal disgust for anyone disgusting no matter which way they vote.
Hey Bug - yep, disgust is only reserved by Liberals for their reaction to anyone but them.

I'm "lost" on your fist comment - unless it was a lead in to your second comment.
Well... it seems that no matter where a person lives, there's always "something" that's just "wrong". I've made a U now... Washington State, California, Nevada and now Idaho. Just trying to see which is best, I suppose.
to quote Bug..."Uuuugh..."

I live in Idaho, hell I voted for him!!!
Hey Bug & Arc. Arc, I didn't know you live in Idaho. (Bug I knew you do).

What's the local chatter among people about Larry Craig? Do you both think he'd get re-elected next year and the people would just forget about this incident?
David there is a thirty-three year history of people asking/ accusing Craig of being gay, this only confirms what we already knew/suspected. But here's the thing for as long as he's been in office most folks kept voting for him. My issue, and I think most folks would agree, is not his proclivities, but his lack of sense. I mean a bathroom ugh!
In a day he has become a joke... His credability is shot. Again not 'cause he likes men, but because he was breaking the law. If he doesn't resign I will be amazed.
yeah, Arc, you make a good point that it;s not about liking men (if he does and I don;t know if he does or doesnt), but...all he pled guilty to was "disorderly conduct". My main gripe is his fellow Repubs judging him before all the facts are in.

I dunno - I don;t think I'm being partisan because yep, I'm a Conservative / small "L" libertarian and I think Liberals suck - I'd never vote for a Lib or a Dem. I have voted for Third party candidates knowing I'm throwing away my vote because the Repub candidate was a RINO and I'm not voting for a a RINO.

If he were to run for re-election, and I think he's up for it next year - and IF he ran - do you think the people of Idaho would vote for him?

Thanks for fielding all these questions.
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