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Friday, August 17, 2007

I-35W Bridge Pace
"And The Liberals Whine" Part: 398,217

Liberals are the only ones critical of the I-35W bridge plans. They tell the Minnesota Department of Transportation, "you're moving too quickly." If this wasn't the case, we all know Libs would be saying, "you're not moving quickly enough."

Two examples of these nagging Liberals are found in Maria Ruud and Ann Rest.

Wilma Flintstone Maria Ruud

From the St. Paul Pioneer Press, aka Twin Cities.com (which may require you to sign up - for free - to read the story:

    State Rep. Maria Ruud, DFL-Minnetonka, expressed her constituents' worries about the perceived hurried pace of the project.

    "How can we build a new bridge until we have an understanding of why it collapsed in the first place?" Ruud asked. "Speed is not reassuring. ... It is very disconcerting to the public."

Who - exactly - is the "disconcerted public" you speak of, Maria? Can you identify them? Are they your constituents? You don't have to tell us their names - but is asking for more clarification from you too much to ask?

Red Orbit:

    Sen. Ann Rest, DFL-New Hope, said she wanted assurance that "building the bridge fast (also means) building it right. I, for one, am not there yet."

I bet Ann would "be there" in an instant if it involved raising taxes.

Betty Rubble Ann Rest

Liberals are exactly like the wife you divorce because she nags you on everything. You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. "You're taking too long to paint the house." "You're painting the house too fast and it will look like a rushed job."

Suddenly Liberals are all experts in bridge, highway and road construction. Suddenly they all have engineering degrees. Suddenly they are all experts in heavy machinery and the progress of building infrastructure. They are idiots, pandering and posturing themselves to their idiot base constituency.

Unless Liberals want to grab a shovel, a concrete mixer and some steel beams and build the bridge themselves, they need to shut up and let the people who know what they're doing do what they do.

Liberals...the classic, textbook definition of micro-managers. Read about more Liberal micro-managers who seek a "Pretty Bridge".



OMG NOOOO!!!! Do Not, I repeat, DO NOT UNDER ANY Circumstance, give a lib a tool and ask them to do a job!!!
You do Betty Rubble and Wilma Flintstone a disservice, heh.

It seems the Liberals are experts on everything AFTER the fact.

Thanks for the comment at Layla's place, The HILL Chronicles. She should be back posting by Saturday morning. Until then I will try to keep things posted for her.
Arc, you make a great point. I'd love to see them out there with shovels and buckets tho - wondering how long it would be before they gave up, whined, and insisted someone else do the heavy listing. 5..maybe 10 minutes?
Hi Debbie - yeah, it wasn't my point to demean Wilma and Betty - heh. You do such a good job at your blog and helping Layla.

You make a great point too, Libs are post-fact experts - ALL the time!

Thanks for visiting and commenting. Always happy to hear from you!
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