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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dim Jim Ward "Predicts"
Military Strike On Iran

Uh oh! According to Jowly Jim Ward on Liberal Radio's Stephanie Miller Show - are you ready - "we're" going initiate an attack on Iran over Labor Day Weekend.

Ward is the Triple Chinned-Conspiracy Truther-Tin Foil Hatter who also so very accurately predicted that the U.S. would militarily strike Iran on Good Friday April 6, 2007. When that didn't happen, he predicted we would strike Iran over Memorial Day Weekend this past May. When that didn't happen the new "attack date" became the 4th of July.

Dim Ward: The man with a chin with a chin that is pregnant.

And now...the "new" date for attacking Iran is Labor Day Weekend. When this doesn't happen Jowly Jim won't bother to acknowledge his errors, Liberal never do. Why, we have several more holidays coming up where Jowly will undoubtedly "predict" a brand new and improved "attack Iran" date. Perhaps Columbus Day? Halloween? Veterans' Day? National Coming Out Day? Hanukkah? Christmas? Kwanzaa? New Year's Day?

Jowly also declared that President Bush would declare Martial Law prior to the 2004 presidential election. Did that happen, did Bush declare Martial Law? Are we still under Martial Law? Because if we are I must have missed it.

And Jowly took the opportunity to call Idaho U.S. Senator Larry Craig. "a fairy." See, Liberals can use derogatory and insulting language - some would call it Hate Speech - with abandon because Libs are so righteous, consistent and non-hypocritical in applying the same standards to themselves that they apply to others. If Senator Craig is a "fairy", I wonder what term Jowly Jim uses in private when describing his co-worker Sissy Boy Chris Lavoie, the one with the prepubescent girlish, squealing laugh.



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