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Saturday, August 25, 2007

California Dems Upset
Over Congressional Makeover

From Bloomberg:

    California Democrats are preparing to raise money to defeat a proposed initiative to change the way the state's electoral votes are granted, a bid they say could tilt the 2008 presidential election in favor of a Republican.

    Some of the state's leading Democrats, including U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, Farallon Capital Management LLC founder Thomas Steyer, and film producer Steve Bing announced today that they formed a group to finance a statewide campaign against the proposed ballot measure.

    The initiative by Thomas Hiltachk, a lawyer for the California Republican Party, would require that the most populous U.S. state's 55 electoral votes be apportioned based on results in each congressional district, rather than as a block based on statewide results. [That certainly seems, (cough, cough) - like the Dems say, "fair". - Drake] The change could give the next Republican presidential candidate as many as 19 additional votes, almost equal to all the electoral votes from Ohio.

    ``This isn't about promoting election reform but a fig leaf to cover up a Republican effort to rig the system in order to fix the election,'' said Chris Lehane, a Democratic strategist in San Francisco who is helping to organize opposition to the measure. ``In the event they do try to fix the system, we will have a group of very prominent California Democrats who will stand up and make sure this is defeated.

Why - what's this? The Republicans are simply "levelling the playing field" in their proposal - and - the Democrats don't like that? Why is that? Not only do Dems want a head-start in a race, they want to know they've been selected the winner before all the votes are counted.
Suddenly the Dems don't like a "level playing field" being applied to them...amazing, simply amazing. You feel sorry for the Whiney-Crats, don't you? Go get a tissue and have a good cry.

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