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Monday, August 20, 2007

BBC's Fictional Muslim Extremist
Terrorists Changed To Fictional
Animal Rights Movement Terrorists

From EUROSOC.com:

    The BBC's editorial executive has over-ruled a script for a drama series which included a suicide attack by Muslim extremists.

    Long-running hospital drama series Casualty begins a new season in the Autumn. Its opening episodes were to be based on the aftermath of a bomb attack by Islamist terrorists on a crowded bus station. However, insiders say that the story was blocked by the Beeb's top committee, which is anxious to halt "stereotypes of young British Muslims."

    Instead, the storyline will follow a bombing carried out by those well-known mass murderers, the Animal Rights movement.

    Yes, it is true that various animal rights groups have sent incendiary devices to laboratories and bombs to the homes of scientists who work in animal-testing clinics. It is also true that some of these groups merit the description "terrorist" because of their methods and their aims. But it is an enormous leap to go from letter bombs on doorsteps to bombing a bus station causing mass casualties.


    Perhaps the BBC wishes organisations or groups it opposes planned the atrocities that usually emanate from the Muslim Community?

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