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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday is President Richard Cheney Day

Or at least on part of Saturday it will be President Richard Cheney, when he assumes power while President Bush undgoes a colonoscopy. CNN:

    Vice President Dick Cheney will serve as acting president briefly Saturday while President Bush is anesthetized for a routine colonoscopy, White House spokesman Tony Snow said Friday.

    Bush is scheduled to have the medical procedure, expected to take about 2 1/2 hours, at the presidential retreat at Camp David, Maryland, Snow said.

This temporary transfer of power has its wild and overflowing conspiracy theories and genuinely reflects true Liberal Cowardice:

    comment # 131- "two and a half hours of pure, concentrated evil."

President Cheney. Sounds pretty good.

"During my brief time as President, I'm considering - among other things - selling the entire United States to Halliburton," said Vice President Dick Cheney. .


I'm buying Halliburton stock. A lot of it. Hey according to Da Dems, Libs, and commies, the Dickster will sell out the country to Halliburton. So if that's the case, all I need is 51% and I get to run things. Dial 911.
hey why not. If LadyBird Johsnon could own all that Halliburton stock and never be criticized by it from the Left, who applied a completely different standard to when Dick Cheney owned Halli stock and ran the company -- right?
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