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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Muslims At U of Michigan
Granted Special Rights

Can you spot the hypocrisy in this story? L.A. Times:
So...the above is a matter of bathroom plumbing safety and not religion? That the ACLU is giddy and promotive over the foot baths is understandable; they're Pacifists to the Nth Degree. I wonder if they would be as agreeable and accommodating if a school or university chose to install wall mounted bowl holders for Holy Water?

"ACLU of Michigan officials said, the question of whether Muslim prayer rugs or foot baths fall into the same category remains fuzzy." - Huh, all of a sudden the ACLU finds the mixing of Church and State "fuzzy". What a riot, what a bunch of hypocrites - what a crock of feces the ACLU is.


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It's ridiculous... I wonder how long before they do this in public highschools. I also wonder what the rules are for a Christian who needs to pray for guidance during a test; will that be allowed? I doubt it. But hell... if you need to cleanse your feet to pray... that's okay! WTF! You either accomidate to all or you do it for none!
Oh Bug...it' just a "plumbing" issue...we really shouldn't be all that concerned. ;-)

Just when I think the ACLU can't possibly get more Liberal, they do. What a crock. Thanks for visiting Bug, as always.
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