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Friday, July 27, 2007

Mike Malloy Was Sick! "Oh, Dat's So Sad!"

The local AirHead America station - the Liberal Radio Network that has abysmal ratings throughout the entire country - has a self-promotion advertisement from none other than the Rotting Corpse, Mike Malloy:

    "No shot is below the belt."

I heard you've been ill this week. I sure hope it's something terminal, fatal and a painful death, not just the common cold or your garden variety herpes outbreak.

Now that Mawwoy has defined the standard for hatred that knows no bounds - again - is it unkind of me to ask if you're dead yet, Mikey? Are 'ya on your deathbed? Wearing adult diapers, maybe? I hope you're suffering - I really do.

Satan waits for you in Hell, Old Man. And he's going to repeatedly anally rape you forever and ever.

When this artifact dies - and really, that day cannot be that far away - it's PARTY TIME at the Drake Estate! This is not an unkind statement since "No shot is below the belt."

Even Liberal Talker Ed Schultz calls him a "Hate Merchant " and says "if Malloy were any good, he'd still be on the air somewhere". And Not One Verified Audience Member radio simply doesn't count. What's it like to be an obsolete relic, Mikey?

You can click on the LABELS hypertext below and find all sorts of archival material on my blog where I've documented the many hate-filled quotes that this Fossil harbors towards those who don't buy into his pathetic Marxist ideology.



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