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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bill Press Proven WRONG!

This is an update I'm finally getting around to publishing.

The story goes back to May 22, 2005 when Liberal Gas-Bag Bill Press - with his pursed little lips that amazingly resemble a puckered anus - predicted that the Newsweek Koran-Flushed-Down-a-Toilet story would be proven true within six months.

Well Billy Boy, you were wrong, as usual - blinded perhaps by your hatred for all things non-Liberal.

In fact, Newsweek admits the story was unsubstantiated:

    Based on what we know now, we are retracting our original story that an internal military investigation had uncovered Qur'an abuse at Guantanamo Bay.

Eager to jump onto any abuse of the Peaceful Religion of Islam, Press sought only to feed the Liberal Hate Machine.

Press is part of a whole host of liars on Liberal Talk Radio who spew their unsubstantiated venom because they all suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome.

Bill "Puckered Anus Lips" Press


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