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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Shocking Revelation:
Golf Balls Break Windows!

If you buy or build a home near a major metropolitan airport chances are you will hear the "noise" of jet airplanes overhead.

If you buy or build a home near railroad tracks chances are you will hear a train rumble by and toot its horn.

If you buy or build a home on a golf course chances are you may, from time to time, get a golf ball breaking one of your windows or hitting the siding of your home.

And homeowners on golf courses are upset about this. Unbelievable:

From AOL Sports:

    If you love playing golf and have always thought you'd love nothing more than to own a home right on a golf course, you may think again when you read a New York Times report on the downside of living near golf courses: Broken windows, and lots of them.

    That might seem like an obvious problem, but thousands of homeowners say that at the time they bought their houses, few if any golfers could reach their windows. Now advanced golf club technology makes every weekend duffer a threat.

The story appeared in the New York Times, titled: A Fairway View, but the Window Is Often Broken (if, for some reason, the NYT disallows the direct link to the story, just Google search the title).

    When she moved into her retirement condominium on a golf course, Eleanor Weiner admired the lush, pristine views of the fairways and greens, a landscape she never had to mow or maintain. Not long after, as she prepared dinner, a golf ball shattered the kitchen window, whistled past her head and crashed through the glass on her oven door. Ms. Weiner retrieved the ball from her oven and stalked outside to confront the golfer who had launched the missile.

    “He told me that’s what I get for living on a golf course,” said Ms. Weiner.

Uh-huh, yep - that's right Mrs. Weiner. What part of living on a golf course don't you understand?

Some people built their homes along the edges of the golf course after - years after - the course existed. But no, in our "I'm The Victim"-status mentality, it's not their fault. Idiots.

    Some people have become virtual prisoners in their homes [said Earla Smith].

Well, there's always Guantanamo Bay for you, darlin', if living on a golf course is making you a "prisoner". I'm almost certain no one is doing any golfing at Gitmo.


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